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I have corrected Ketron SD1000 Instrument Definition, so that now
is possible to choice all sounds (from all 4 Banks) also via INS & SF2

Edit : The correct file is here :,1718.msg35279.html#msg35279
vArranger2  v.1.18 Beta4 fix sample rate of audio interface on
44.1kHz with ASIO Driver. But I need 48kHz. I define sample rate
of my audio interface (Presonus 1818VSL) on 48kHz but every time
when I start vArranger2, it go to 44.1kHz. Is it possible to fix this
Bug or whatever is this ?
The vArrangerĀ² Software Forum / Lock Tempo
January 13, 2011, 06:11:24 PM
Is it possible to lock Tempo in vArranger and change Style "on fly" without any break or time-out ?