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What keyboard for vA2?

Started by Borys54, January 29, 2019, 08:07:29 PM

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Hi everybody!
1. Do You use 49 keys master keyboard for vArranger?
2. It's enough for play of pop music with styles?
3. Which one is better Novation Impulse or M-Audio Code or another?

Thank You


M-Audio ça fait 2ans que je fait des soirée avec,sa bouge pas


I use 2 controllers.  One is a M-Audio Keystation 49 key and one is a Roland A-800 Pro61 key.

The Roland shines over the M-Audio in many ways.



i think you should use as minimum one 61 key keyboard! With 49 keys you have problems for left hand chords and right hand melodie with for example 2 keyboard regions with different sounds!

And it should have some controllers and buttons for control some VA2 functions like volume of tracks, start/stop for rythm ...

best regards Werner



When I use the Roland A-800 Pro with vArranger I NEVER have to touch my computer screen.  All the controls I need are available on the Roland A-800Pro controller just like using a normal arranger keyboard.

Here is a link to a video. Notice I did not have to use the screen to change variations or select an ending.
The M-Audio has no such controls available. 



Hi Deane.
Thank you for your help.
Which buttons do you use to play with styles on Roland A-800 pro?
It requires about 15 buttons isn't it?



I have enough buttons programmed that it includes 4 buttons for each variation, 4 buttons for endings, stop button, start button, next song button, previous song button,  plus volume controls for RH sound and master sound using sliders.

There are others.  The programming is done with Dan's vArranger setup.  I did not have to know anything about programming the controls.



You can also buy any keyboard you like, and add the inexpensive Korg NanoKontrol2


Maybe using Arduino we could create a MIDI controller tailored for use with vArranger.


Funny video!! However it's easier to buy "the inexpensive Korg NanoKontrol2" to quote Dan...
I use the skin made by Akyelken some years ago (thanks again!!) and that´s it.,2346.msg19888.html#msg19888