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Started by Bachus, November 30, 2015, 02:10:10 PM

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Be warned,

I did get two requests from people trough facebook for a download link for the latest version of Varranger..

Obviously they dont have a license, or they would have asked Dan and got their latest version.

Just wondering how they could trace back my facebook account trough this forum?


Thank you for posting this. I will profit of your message to tell you my point.

I want to personally ask to every vArranger user, to never send any file I am sending to you, or from the forum downloads, to anyone who asks you.

Some people want to get vArranger for free and share it to the planet.

I have worked hard during the 8 last years to create a this wonderful software, and I never stop to improve it.

If income from vArranger goes to 0€, because of piracy acts, I will just have to find another job :)

I am not a big company, so, pirates.... be fair....   

Musicians.... if you like vArranger and want to support the future vArranger developments, just buy it ...



Thats why i reported this, you know i am not a Varranger user (yet) but nevertheless i am a fan of your work..  And realise that piracy could kill the great product that Varranger allready is... And even worse, prevent it from becomming better then any hardware arranger..

Piracy would be a true killer for Varranger...  I hope everyone realises that.