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Jack audio

Started by Bachus, March 11, 2015, 08:26:42 PM

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Did anyone get a chance to use Varranger with the new 32/64 bit version from Jack Audio?

Jack audio is a routing tool for both audio and midi, for people using other software next to Varranger at the same time..


Not tested, but it seems that Jack on windows can install a virtual ASIO port
So vArranger will connect to that Jack Virtual ASIO Port, and then Jack do what you want.
This can be useful to share the audio sound between many applications. vArranger Jack ASIO OUT to your Sequencer Jack ASIO IN
But as always, if you don't need it, don't use it, because it adds a small layer in between.


This way someone could use for example Ableton, varranger, BiaBox, and any other VST host  at the same time...or atleast have the programs active with sounds available at the same time...

The good thing is that you can route both audio and midi between programs and the audio device.

Seems however that with the new version many programs have extreme low lattencies with this tool, while some others fail totally ... So if anyone used Varranger with this tool, i would be interested in his experience..


In my case with RME HDSP 9632, 9652, AIO and Fireface 802 no chance,
Jack don't "see" no one from this interfaces. But with RME newest Audio Driver
v.4,** Jack is needless because of RMEs Loopback function that make same
thing like a Jack, but 100% stable and on very, very low latency !!!
If I remember rightly, I have tested Jack with some audio interfaces from Presonus
and it was terrible, whole system was labile.


I have installed Jack.
vArranger does not see Jack, probably because of need to activate the ASIO somewhere in Jack
Configuration of Jack is complex.
I think it probably can be done, if you have time to understand settings of Jack. I now have other things to do  :)


Yes it is a little bit complicated but when Jack "not see" your
audio card, than it is incompatible to this card, and nothing
can help. Sometimes, but only sometimes, help to run Jack
with Administrators Rights on Win 7; 8 and 8.1 !!!