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VSTSynthFont SF2 SFZ Synth update

Started by bluebeat, September 05, 2018, 12:21:10 AM

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Hi Fellows.
I decided to start a new thread on this to share the news on 64 bit VSTSynthfont plugin. During  past few weeks, developer spent many
hours on improving  the core functions and features of this VST.  This is a fantastic tool/synth for playback of  midi and GM based compositions utilizing your own SF2, Gig, SFZ files or banks.  It is far more than just a VST synth.

It has many powerful features, such as:
64 Bit! (there is also a 32 Bit version available)
GM compatible!
Individual channel transposition
Scenario saves
Multi file SF2  bank support
Sorting instruments by "Instrument Type" with corresponding instrument icons (given bank was assembled with GM structure).
Individual or mixed output for all 16 channels. You can actually stream/record 16 independent audio channels simultaneously into Daw.
Lock channel sound
Mute / Solo tracks
And many other great features.

Varranger users can use it as a VST synth to layer additional soundfonts  if they overlap in VA synth or substitute some of the instruments. So basically, you can have 2 independent SF2 Banks.

Demo is available.

There are simply no other tool like this to work with SF2/SFZ files
that is 64 bit and has so many features. It is priced very
reasonable and most importantly the developer cares about his
creation, listening to customers  and  fixing bugs in timely manner. 

Scroll down to the middle of the page. The plugin is called: VSTSynthFont [3]
P.S. Developer mentioned that people who bought original version are
entitled for upgrade at no cost.

Here are some screenshots of new version:


Why is drums on channel 9 and not channel 10?


zeljko, you should ask developer directly, not me. Developer does not monitor vArranger forum.


Quote from: zeljko on September 05, 2018, 03:35:40 AM
Why is drums on channel 9 and not channel 10?

Hi zeljko,

Judging from the JPG files, the Synthfont program starts with MIDI channel 0, up to MIDI channel 15 (in hexadecimal).

We generally refer to MIDI channel 1 to 16.  In the case of Synthfont, MIDI channel 9 is equivalent to our regular MIDI channel 10.

The following MIDI Tutorial page explains why MIDI channel 10 is coded 9:



Thank you, Bluebeat, for your cooperation with VSTSynth to develop a very useful plugin that enhance user's experience with vArrnager.


Already done for me is drums on channel 10 and live drums on 9


Thank you, Bluebeat
Dieses Neue VSTSynthFont habe ich gesucht.Ich benutze es gerne mit Cantabile.
Hier kann ich meine VST Effekte schön einsetzen.Im vArranger als VST sind mir die Sounds zu trocken.


VSTSynthFont - Options - Tracks & Channels
Select numbering scheme for midi channels.
NOTE that this is only a visual aspect.
Internally midi channels are always 0..15

0..15    1..16