Author Topic: Is it possible to load Varranger normal screensize  (Read 573 times)

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Is it possible to load Varranger normal screensize
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:25:57 AM »
Hi Everybody,
Does somebody know if it's possible to load Varranger in a normal window size or perhaps even minimized window ?
Now after Varranger is started, i noticed that Varranger is always loaded in a maximum screensize and that therefor during the loading i cannot do anything else on my computer except for wait till Varranger is finished and only then normalize the window.
I tried quite a few standard things such as the /background option in task scheduler. I also tried making a .bat file and start with the min option but it seems Varranger is initiating a full screen boot by itself and overrides these parameters.

BTW, I recently made a task schedular entry to avoid the UAC warning "are you sure...." when starting Varranger. This i find quite helpful and i also started to load Varranger after user login automatically. For those who are also interested in that here is a link

Thanks in Advance,