• I am very happy with vArranger. I’ve installed it this morning on the Samsung slate and it works like a charm with the touch screen… truly amazing !–Anno V., Netherlands

  • Great software, really enjoying the experience !–Todd S., UK

  • I have been using vArranger now for well over a year. I use it on gigs and it works really great !–Deane P., TX USA

  • I like the program very much ! And as an ex-computer programmer, I can really appreciate the amount of work involved !–Barry G., UK

  • I’ve used vArranger on my first gig last night and it was great, no issues at all !–Kenny N., CO USA

  • How many time I spent on arrangers software to get them work !
    And your vArranger : Run, Set Midi Devices and have fun !
    Why didn’t I find your vArranger earlier ?
    The first impression of the product is : A very cleaned up user interface with a rock solid base.–Martin S., Germany

  • Thank you for this great software, it is really a fantastic tool for performers.
    I bought the software to use with my BK7 and I find the song chords tool invaluable!
    My system and set up works like a dream.
    Mille Mercis.–Daniel G., UK

  • WOW – ! – I’m so satisfied that I did not buy a xxxxx x in the end. Your software – « Rocks  » – Keep up the good work ! My personal « Native Bandstand » was really something extra ordinary, together with Varranger – Great !–Michael L., Sweden