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New Yamaha tool "Midi song to style"

Started by garciarob, November 16, 2023, 07:28:40 AM

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From this morning, the link for the 'midi song to style' introduced in last night's genos 2 presentation is free for all to use.
The link is this:
There is no need to register genos2 or anything else, and the files produced are in standard genos format.
I tested the software in about 5 minutes and it also allows fully automatic processing, which needs to be refined.
The results, for an automatic processing, are surprising; logically, to do a job well done you have to do some fine tuning, but in my opinion this software will allow the creation of a few thousand new styles and will make many of you happy.


The Korg PA4X has a feature like this on board
So now Yamaha has it too, and the good news is that vArranger users can use it too
Thank you Yamaha :)


Very interesting, I see it uses text files to map GS/GM to the corresponding PSR or Genos model, maybe we can make our own text files to map to SD1000 or other hardware we are using with the Varranger?


It seems to be the cubase instrument definition format
But it will only help to display correct instruments names in the yamaha lists