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OTS editor for Yamaha styles

Started by Heiner, July 11, 2022, 05:58:14 PM

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I have written a small program to modify the OTS part in Yamaha sty-files. It can modify the OTS part, which vA2 uses. I use it to change sounds, volume effects, etc. to have all sounds fitted to the style. I tested it only for vA2, it might not work for other devises.
The Windows program is named "OTSedit.exe" with a initialzation file "OTSedit.ini" to set file path to *.sty files (both files must be copied to the same directory)
Open any *.sty file and the program displays the OTS settings, which can be modified and saved (don't forget to make a copy first, the old file will be overwritten !).
You can also copy single sounds or the complete OTS from one file to another one.
If anyone is interested I can make a short description for more details.


Great work !
Do you maintain all the OTS events that you don't understand? DSP ...  and maintain all the other things as it ?


No, all the DSP commands are ignored at present, because there are not used in vA2, as far as I know, and I don't know what they are doing. After saving, the OTS part will become smaller. After saving OTS contains only the information, which you can see with the editor. In case of interest I can modify the program.


Yes vArranger uses most of the messages including DSP, sysex, nrpn, etc
To not degrade styles with your tool, you need to be careful to let everything as is, and only modify values of existing midi messages, and eventually add messages if not present
This way, your tool will be compatible with future styles too.
For now, I suggest to not share styles created with this tool, as the styles are truncated


Dan, you are right, it is better to keep all original OTS information.
Now all DSP, sysex, nrpn, etc commands stay in the OTS.

I made a new version with new and improved features:

1. Read and write of all Yamaha Styles (*.sty, *.prs, *.sst, *.bcs)
2. Save full OTS information (Editor and "black box" part) without any truncation
3. Save minimum information without the "black box" part still possible
4. Creation of new OTS in case style has none
5. Missing tracks will be added with standard values
6. FX3 volume added to each track
7. OTS size report
8. Track volume calibration to fit with vA2
9. How-to-use Help

Store all three files in the same directory.
Modify initial directory in OTSedit2.ini file