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SUpport for Ketron KST Styles

Started by DreamKeeper, August 13, 2021, 10:43:40 AM

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Is there a chance that we will get support for KST styles from Ketron in the next version?

Actually they are normal midi files with Ketron specific markers, it is probably not difficult to implement by DAN after integrating much more difficult formats into Varranger. ))


There are may be problems with the drum and guitar parts, but the big advantage of this KST standard that the styles can be easily created and edited in a DAW.

You don't even need CASM specifications like in Yamaha styles. So you can easily replace drum and guitar parts.

Then we would no longer have a problem with the editability of the styles. ))


Yes, there is a chance :)

But it is not as you think.... KST styles also contain a special section with some important arranger settings, equivalent to the CASM section of the Yamaha styles

And I don't have actually a recent Ketron arranger to try to understand this part

However, I can start to add support of the "midifile" part


Thanks for the clarification. .. I should have thought that not everything is so simple.  ???

In the Ketron manual it is written that the file with the Ketron style markers simply has to be saved as a standard midi in format 0 and get .KST extension. After that it is supposed to be ready to use in the Ketron device.

It is possible that the new Ketron SD series contains built-in logic as to how the midi notes are to be interpreted. Then this logic has to be built up in Varranger, which is probably not that easy.

But this would be a bomb if implemented in Varranger ..  8)


After the midifile is loaded in the SD7, the SD7 will transform the kst file and add the arranger section in the midifile. This adds arranger rules, tuning of the mixer of each track/section, style modeling etc...
This section has to be understood

You can see here

The SD7 will now load the style (*KST) and automatically assign all the style parts, relative effects ... etc as needed by the style to the relative style buttons (Intro, Arranger A-D, Fill Ins .. etc).
You can further enhance the style by going to style view (touch VIEW) from where you will have access to the individual style components (Drum, Bass, Chords .. etc) from which you can modify the volume, program change, effects, pan and other style parameters such as parallel/close chord modes, retrigger .. etc for each style part.
Once complete with adjustments, press the SAVE button and save your finished style (as noted in the user manual).
As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to further enhance or modify the style using the new  Style Modeling feature too.


I have added a little bit of KST file support (the midifle part). Still tons of things to discover...