More "my sounds"? specific "pc key controls" to more sounds?

Started by garciarob, June 09, 2020, 08:12:35 PM

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I make an implementation request which I think shouldn't be particularly complex. I realize that having some other "my sounds" I wouldn't mind. I use a PC keyboard to select program changes and being able to assign quick selection commands to multiple sounds would be useful. Maybe two pages of "my sounds"? or the possibility to assign specific "pc key controls" to sounds (from the list on the right) to select them? Do I only have this need?

I'll show you my setup in the picture.
I remember that you can connect n pc keyboards to the pc via usb. My pc has two pc keyboards.


We already have 20 MY SOUNDS, is it not enough?
We also have the SOUND 1 to 10 selection with PAGE -/+ of the right vertical list


Ok, no problem. You're right. I'll use a combo of keys.