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Sound names

Started by Soundman, May 29, 2020, 08:51:29 PM

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Hello Professionals!

Perhaps someone has a solution for my problem: I use a Ketron SD1000 on Midi out 1 and the internal Varranger Synth on Midi out 2. My target is to use my own soundfonts for right and left voices and the SD1000 will do the accompaniment. After building  my first soundfont I am able to select the different sounds using the "INS"-Button but the sound names near the sliders are wrong. This is very confusing.  :o
Lets say I use a sound with fundamentals on right 1, a sound with harmonics on right two and a sound with percussion on right 3 to build up a organ-style sound. The sliders are marked with "Piano", "Strings" and "Trumpet" so I don't know when I save a preset and recall it later wich slider belongs to the fundamentals, harmonics and percussion.  :(


So basically it seems they take the name of the MIDI OUT 1, so the SD1000 in your case, instead of the SF2 presets?



This is a very good question but I can not answer this. I made some screenshots, perhaps they will help:

Pic1 - When I start up vArranger "Octapiano" from my SD1000 is on Right1.
Pic2 - Now I change to Midi out 2. I hear a different Piano-Sound (I think its from the internal synth), but the naming is still the "Octapiano" from the SD1000.
Pic3 - I choose a sound from my personal soundfont. Now I hear the sound from my soundfont but the naming of the track says: "Grand Piano".
Pic4 - I save this sound as "Save rigth sound" OX7_test.
Pic5 - After recalling OX7_test the track name "Right" changes to OX7_test, but the naming for "Right1" is still wrong.

The Track shows "Grand Piano", the .ins-file shows "Grand Piano St", the internal synth shows "Piano 1" and I hear the sound from my soundfont. This is very confusing.  :o ??? :(
I would have expected the choosen sound name is also shown in the track.



Naming the tracks manually will make things easier. This could be done by a "naming field" in the sound edit window or just by clicking on the sound name near the fader and entering a custom name. Is this an option?


No, I will correct this soon