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VArranger2 & YAMAHA MO6

Started by nyah, September 26, 2019, 12:12:53 PM

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hi everybody
is there someone who use YAMAHA MO6 like an expander for VArranger2 1.16 or 1.17 ?
is this possible
thank you very much


I have actually a MODX and it sounds nice with the vArranger 1.19


Yesssss, Dan has answered to you, additional will be very good if you have MO "Instrument Definition"
and copy it to: "vArranger2\vArrangerData\Sounds\INS for better sounds of MO6 to find, or change.


Hi Agaton
I have MO6 not MODX, where I can find the YAMAHA MO6 "instrument definition" ?


Go to: and download
MO6/8 Pack. Install this Editor and you will become one VST
instrument which you can use also in vArranger to change or edit
MO6 sounds. Attention, your MO6 must be on latest firmware.
I shall try to find Instrument Definition for your MO6.