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Program blocked

Started by musicantante, September 27, 2019, 08:34:07 AM

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Today i have put a wrong pendrive on the laptop where i use Varranger and tryied to open the program, now program is blocked and even if i have put the right pendrive is still blocked.
Dan...i understand security but this is too much...what if you are playng in same place and this happen, you are completaly blocked and can't do anything.
This is a big bug that you must resolve, if this should happen in the while you are playng and lose money you could be taken to a court.
Anyway please tell me how to solve the problem now!


Strange, please contact me in private for this, and I will see what is the problem
Plugging a wrong usb key should not block anything
I am here to help


Sorry Dan.
I think the problem is in the PC. I am reading in some forums of people having the same problem with different apps.
Maybe i've got some virus.
I will tell you...


OK. Just tell me in the private message what is the message, and I will see if I can help