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76 key high quallity keybed

Started by Bachus, September 07, 2019, 02:35:22 PM

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I am looking to add a 2nd keyboard to my Genos..
But there don't seem to be any good ones available ..
All it needs is 76 high quallity keys with aftertouch and possibly 2 wheels to the leftside..

So i am thinking of ordering a fatar TP/9S keybed
And building one myself
This looks to be the place where people could have experiencein building their own keys..

So where do you buy a fatar keybed?
And where do i buy the other parts?
And what processor board to use for the midi and usb connection?

Any help is very very welcome..


Buying from Fatar is hard if you don't have a company
I think the best, is to take a keyboard from an used synth
The Roland G arrangers has a very good fatar keyboard inside


Thanks Dann, i guess thats the main problem when trying to build something..

I might even consider a studiologic compact 2ex, it has the Fatar TP/9P, but its supposed to be the same action as the TP/9S but then the keys look like piano keys instead of organ keys..  that might be a smarter option.. but its an 88 key..



I have the Studiologic VMK 88 Plus , and I think it has the TP/9P inside. the key feel is very good, but the velocity curve is a bit hard, and it is very hard to get the maximum velocity
I think the Roland G  use a TP/8S with rounded keys and I like it better
I have created some electronics for it, to convert to USB/MIDI, and I like the velocity curve


Lots of great advise..
still searching..

Almost tought the Dexibell S1 to be perfect..
Till i found out its only 68 keys and not 76

But it has the fatar tp8sk keybed..
And controlls to the left side
Which would have made it a perfect lower keybed for my purpose..

But decided a 68 key under a 76 key with broad side pannels looks kind of stupid...
Besides 68 keys just doesn't fit when playing piano style..


There is for sure a place for a company who release a simple 76 key master keyboard
Just a good fatar synth with a good velocity scanning and a USB port, in a compact package


Try the Studio logic SL-73 or SL-88 this one have super fatar piano keys  and low wight