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Multiple ASIO channels.

Started by Jamkey, August 16, 2018, 01:27:57 PM

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Hello to all, and specially to Dan,

I use the vArr2 in a DAW with an ASIO sound card with multiples audio outputs.
All these (4) stereo-audio-channels are listed in the second sub list in MIDI-PORTS-page, but it seems i can't use them all.
I want 2 separate channels, 1 for the vArr-Synth and 1 for the VST. How can i fix this ?

Thanks in advance,
Regards, Rudi.


Only with vArranger² no way !!! It hasn't
support for multiple ASIO Outs. Not yet.


Ojee ... :-[
I wanted separate Output for the VST-section, because unfortunate i can't get Reverb on it.


Mot of the VSTi have a reverb on it. No?


Hello Dan,
Indeed, but I don't like the Reverb in new VB3-II-Organ, it's sounds to mechanical and "Old School" to me.
So i want to try a "digital" Reverb in the Signal-Output.
But with only 1 ASIO-channel all the vArr-tracks becomes these digital Reverb.


Import one of VST Chainer as VST Instrument and than
you can have Hall or/and Delay or any other effect.


Okay, Thanks Agaton.
I take a look at this VST-chainer.

Regards !