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vArranger with VST Kontakt5 or TheGrand

Started by lifeperformer43, November 13, 2017, 08:15:13 PM

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Hi Dan, Hi musicians

I have a problem with the VST Options with the sampler Kontakt 5 or Steinberg`s "The Grand".

How can I switch to different snapshots of kontakt5, with differtent sample-sounds? I tried it in VST-Options to save "As Startup Config" or "Save the current plugin state..." , but when i switch to the saved user-voice with kontakt-sound - no samplesound will load in kontakt5.

What is my problem?



Hi, did you ever figure this out? I think I'm having the same issue.


Hi, in Kontakt you must use "instrument bank" and create all program change you need with the patchs you want. After you can just change it with the program change in the sound edit.



Good news  :)

For The grand (and all vsti with no program change), ce only solution is to include the plugin in a vsti host as Patchwork or Akai VIP, make some patchs and after we can use program change, as this plugins use it.