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Band-in-a-Box styles

Started by v.muller, July 05, 2017, 09:09:30 PM

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Hi Dan

Could you add support for the Band-in-a-Box styles please?

The same styles uses Microsoft's automatic voice acompaniment software Songsmith.

These styles are convertable to keyboard style format using Styles-to-the-Box


That's a neat tool!   It will be great to use BIAB styles in vArranger.   


Here are the pack of original Songsmith styles (freely downloadable with the program)
and the SFF1 versions of these styles. (generated using Styles-to-the-Box)


Band in a Box styles dont work with a real time arranger, only with a preprogrammed chord progression..


To Bacchus:
But these styles are convertible to any keyboard style format.

Our special for all Band-in-a-Box users.
- Play any keyboard stlye with Band-in-a-Box!
- Export Band-in-a-Box styles as midifile and use the data in any other music software!
- Play Band-in-a-Box styles with your keyboard!

You will have access to thousands of new styles with this easy-to-use, but very useful tool.

I can convert any BIAB style for example to the Yamaha's SFF1.
Then I can play it using vArranger.


V.Muller.  What you are saying sounds very good.  How does  Styles-to-the-Box handle BIAB styles' Real Tracks, though?   


I've had the opportunity to use Styles to the box in Styleworks to convert band in a box styles to real-time styles (Ketron, Yamaha, ...).
I was not at all convinced by the result that gives styles very simplistic and far worse than the real styles to arrange real time.


oui bonjours
tres facile a faire mais tres long a faire...

faite comme moi je fais donc...

dans band in a box prendre chargé une sequence de sty de jazz en exemples
chargé le en mid,  vous envoyé dans un sequenceur cubase, logic, ou autre que vous possedé,
vous séparé la sequences tout les intrument de 1 a 8 et vous faite le reglage,
apres vous l'envoyé dans styles work 2000, vous l'envoyé dans bureu en sty-prs-
et ensuite dans varranger et terminé, pour moi je fait ça et sa marche nickel et sa sonne
bon courage,   si vous avez des question je suis pas loin,
alors bonne journé

pour moi ça marche nickel et


fazfaz, thanks for your reply.   I kind of thought it wouldn't work too well with the Real Tracks of BIAB.   

Hernandez, thanks for your reply, too.   Google didn't do a good job translating but I got your point.  Sounds like it is a bit too much trouble for me.