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Instrument file for Combo organ Roland VR-09 / VR-730

Started by Tuggen, December 29, 2017, 03:12:34 AM

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Anyone know if there is an instrument definition file to be found for Roland VR-09 and VR-730?
Besides the Drawbar organ, Synth and Panels sounds these contains all sounds, hidden, from the Roland Atelier organs. It would be interesting to use with Varranger, at least for organ players since they have some good organ samples.
If it does not exist can I make this file myself? How?


Here is an example of how to create an INS file.
It is a simple text file that you change extension to .INS
The content is :

.Patch Names

[My Bank 0-0]                     ;<This is the name that will be displayed for the bank. You can decide it, but it need to be the same as in the .Instrument Definitions section

[My Super Bank 0-1]
0=GrandPiano KSP
1=BrightPiano KSP
2=El.GrandPiano KSP
3=Honkytonk KSP
4=ElectricPiano1 KSP

[Bank 0-114]

[Bank 121-1]
0=GrandPiano Wide
1=BrightPiano Wide
2=El.GrandPiano Wide
3=Honkytonk Wide

.Instrument Definitions      ; <In this section you write all the banks and their number. You can have 128 banks (Changed by the MIDI CC 0 = MSB)  of 128 banks (Changed by the MIDI CC 32 = LSB) The bank number to write is is the MSB * 128 + LSB
[Roland VR...]
Patch[0]=My Bank 0-0
Patch[1]=My Super Bank 0-1
Patch[114]=Bank 0-114
Patch[15489]=Bank 121-1
       ;<Why 15489???    121 * 128 + 1 = 15489


Do you know if there is any simple program that can be used to send program changes and bank select to analyse this?


vArranger ! :)

Right click on a track, and select SOUND EDIT (or double click on a track)

On top of the sound edit screen, you can change BANK0  BANK32  and PROGRAM CHANGE


By the way. Do you know if there are instrument definition files for the common arranger keyboards to be used with VArranger for some extended funtionallity like more parts or adding also another sound source (I assume these 2 would be possible maybe some more feature too?). As for instance SD7 and SD9, does ketron provide .ins files? Or did you from beginning make it yourself for SD2 and SD1000?



You can find some INS files here,479.0.html

Other INS (Korg/Yamaha/Roland) can be found on internet.
I don't know about SD7 / SD9 INS files



INS files only help to not have to select sounds from BANK/Program numbers, but a list with the name of the sounds.
For most "old" instruments we can find INS files for it, for other, we need to create it.
SD2 and SD1000 received special attention, and I have created a sound list integrated to vArranger with each sound can be selected by categories ...