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Started by haweneu, April 02, 2017, 03:25:55 PM

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is it possible, that VA2 can in the controllers menue learn some  MIDI Controllers that sending MIDI NRPN Messages?

I build a new DIY USB Midi Interface special for VA2 and my Wersi Spectra Organ as Masterkeyboard (or other Organs or keyboards with a normal MIDI Out), that need some pushbuttons and analog controllers (also pitch wheel!) for control some functions of VA2.

It has 4 analog Poti or fader inputs and 10 pushbuttons with led feedback, 2 merged MIDI IN (1 for my Spectra and second for cascading max 6 of this modules or second MIDI In), 1 MIDI OUT for Messages from VA2, 1 MIDI OUT for cascading, last but not least an USB Female B Connector for VA2 on my Windows PC.

6 from this MIDI Interfaces can be cascaded to a group of max 6 pieces.

In the sum so i have 60 MIDI CC from the 60 pushbuttons and 24 from the poti (faders or rotary knobs).

I dont want to send midi CC that are predefined in MIDI so i use only undefined MIDI CC values.
and there are not 80 MIDI CC messages free!


You can send 127 midi CC on the 16 midi channels=2032 controllers
Just avoid standard midi CC like 1, 7  on the MIDI CHANNEL 1 or the 3 midi channels if you are using the same midi input for the keyboard and the controller part



Hi Dan,
good idea!

What do you mean with "or the 3 MIDI channels"?

I only use in MIDI Spec unused CC!

Can i send Pitchwheel data for Right1 on all MIDI channel and VA2 will accept this?

I will send at  the same MIDI Input (USB from my DIY Interface) MIDI data from my Wersi Spectra for Upper and lower manual and pedal.
And at this same MIDI Input i merge the MIDI data from my pushbuttons and analog controllers!


In Organ mode, you can use 3 midi channels. One for upper, one for lower, one for bass. On those 3 channel, avoid sending CC 1 7 64  66
On other midi channels, you can use the 128 midi cc

You need to send pitch bend on the same channel than your right1 keyboard


Hi Dan,
thank you! Now i will make the PCB Layouts.

Basic Software with MIDI IN - OUT, 2 Pushbuttons, 2 analog controllers and data transfer over USB with class compliant MIDI windows driver works.

I get a Ketron SD2 and compared the sound with SD1000 and with the same songs!
There is a great difference! With SD 1000 it sounds like a real orchester! With SD2 some synthetic feeling!