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Ketron SD2 Drawbars

Started by haweneu, December 29, 2016, 11:25:09 AM

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Hi Dan,

i tested the MIDI output for the drawbars in the SD2 because i want to control with this drawbars my diy hammond B3 clone like a SD2 at a separate MIDI Output!

All works fine but i cannot stop the Leslie rotor!

If i select the drawbars on for example channel "right1", the drawbar control window is displayed!
If i mouseclick at "SLOW" VA2 sends "BC 1E 40" Hex and a mouseclick at FAST sends "BC 1E 7F" Hex => this is OK.

Is it possible, to implement in VA2 also "Leslie Stop" with a click in the middle of the button SLOW/FAST?


When you are in Drawbars mode, try to move the modulation wheel. You will get some interesting MIDI messages

Note that the SD2 does not have a Leslie Stop feature


Hi Dan,

OK. Controller "BC 1E 00" Hex switches to default chorus (if this is "OFF", we have no Leslie function). But this is not the same as at an original leslie, where the leslie runs from slow or fast  to zero (or reverse) with transition!

Other question:
How can i use the SD1000 at MIDI OUT 1 (as primary soundgenerator) and the SD2 (or my diy B3 as secondary soundgenerator) at MIDI OUT 2?
If i use this setup, i dont see the Drawbars in VA2 menue!