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How to load varranger on to new Computer

Started by jbg31792, December 22, 2016, 11:48:55 PM

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Hello Dan,

I had to purchase a new computer. How do I transfer all of my varranger files and data from my old computer to the new computer?

My 7 year old Mackbook Pro's hard drive is now defective. The Mac side of my partitioned HD has corrupted files, and does not work anymore and the data is more than likely all lost and the HD can't be fixed. The Windows 7 side of the partitioned Mac is still working and the varranger is still functioning, but I've been warned that the Windows partitioned side is on borrowed time and could crash at any time.

I've just purchased a new HP Pavilion 15-au063 15.6" intel core i7-6500U Processor 12 GB Ran, 1 TB, Windows 10,
Super multi DVD burner, 4.27 lbs. $599.99 at Staples.

Do you see any compatibility issues with vArranger and this computer? And does vArranger run ok on Windows 10?

I'm paying the tech pros at Staples to do the transfer of the Windows 7 data on the Mac over to the new computer, including vArranger, so there won't be any mistakes by me. Please explain to them in an email to me what needs to be done.

Also, if there's a new vArranger upgrade, could you please send me me a link for that.

Thanks Dan, and merry Christmas to you and everyone,



Ok I will send you now an email.

Your new computer will be perfect for vArranger.



Hell Dan,

I want to thank you for taking your valuable time on Christmas Day to log into my new computer and get vArranger up and running with Windows 10, and thank you also for loading the newest vArranger upgrade as well.

Somehow you must have sensed the dilemma I was facing and decided to come to my rescue.

Merci beaucoup,