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Good demo video

Started by Bachus, October 02, 2015, 05:36:01 AM

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Over at the piano forum we hav a discussion about biabox and arranger modules. I pointed them to Varranger as a very good option to.  They however asked for a tutorial video explaining how Varrager could be used.  They are non areanger players but piano players.

Sadly i could not find any good tutorials explaining how Varranger works..   Personally i think adding Varranger or an arranger module for that really offers a lot to a DP player...

Does anyone know some good links to english language videos explaining the options from Varranger to absolute noobs?



Thanks Lylo...

Very nice video,s to bad they never got translated into English...

They work for me, lets hope they will also work for the rest of the English community