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Saving VB3 Presets as RIGHT SOUNDS

Started by Gerard, June 20, 2015, 11:40:49 PM

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I just bought VB3.
Fist of all, VB3 is great!
Finally, nice Jimmy Smith organ sounds!

I installed it and use it as VST MIDI OUT 3.
I called up a preset, and saved it as a RIGHT SOUND.

If I call up another preset, and then press the RIGHT SOUND I saved, I get the current preset, not the one I saved.
I wanted to save about 3 different presets but can not figure out how to do it.

BTW, the modulation wheel on my controller works the leslie from SLOW to OFF to Fast, which is nice.


You have to save also PCG on this channel in Sound Editor of
this track in vArranger2. This PCG nummer must be the same
like PCG nummer of Preset in VB3. First go to VB3 in Global
Options Menu
and enable Receive Midi Program Change
function. Than is all OK !!! Than you can change VB3 direct in
Sound Editor of vArranger2 and save it as Right or Left Sound.


I do not know any of the CG numbers of the resets in VB3
I got it. They are in the left dro down list.


Yes !!! You can now change sounds of VB3, normal over Sound Editor in
vArranger2 like on picture in my last post. vArranger2 is one miracle !!!