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VST questions..

Started by Bachus, February 20, 2015, 11:21:29 AM

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Hello Dan, just a few questions concerning your ongoing development.. ( you must realize by now that Varranger will be an ever expanding project )...  I base these questions uppon the information found in your online manuall

1) will the current VST rack (asuming the VST rack is a global thing) of only 16 VSTs be expanded in the near future?   Many people have dozens of VSTs, collecting VSTs is a bad habbit of mine, and it would be great to be able to use them all if i decided to upgrade to Varranger.

2) Does the VST arranger support VST effects in any way? I could not find information about this in the online manuall. It would be great that for those tracks that use sounds from the Varranger synth, VSTs, or SF2 tables you could chain several VST effects for each channel..  VST effects are the bread and butter that makes VSTs sound so awesome over hardware..  On top of that it would also be awesome if we could select those VST effects the global effects EFX1 (reverb) and EFX2 (currently up to 3 different effects) 

Espescially adding number 2 would allow Varranger2 to take another step in sound quallity... 

Thank you Dann for taking the time to answer this, and keep up the good work..


Hello, I don't think so that vArranger has more 16 vsti in the future, it's not a vst host but an arranger.
I think the solution is memory for configuration of vsti rack for change the vsti and retrieve the initial order after move vsti.
In principle vsti for use in vArranger are Halion Sonic, Kontakt, Sampletank, Independence etc. either vsti multi with 16 channels each, so 16 vsti is enough normally.

Vst only work with sf2 and you have four slot, fx1, fx2,fx3 and master.

If you want more vst en vsti you can use this software but be carefull, the paid version is old, 2009 I think, contact the developper before buy (the free version it's ok but don't save the presets).
For vst you also can use Guitar Rig or Independence fx , or a another multieffects as Luxonix lfx1310


Hello Bachus,

For now I have allowed 16 VST instruments, and for now, no one told me " I want one more, I am using more VST for my current songbook ".
It's not so complicated to go from 16 to 32 VSTi.

From what I have seen, most of the VST Instruments includes their own effects, so no big need to add a vst fx after each vst instruments.

What I have done is for the vArranger virtual synth that plays the SF2 samples, you can have 3 VST AUX FX  for the Reverb, chorus, delay... Each track can send a different level to the FX

+ a MASTER VST FX for this synth

I will probably add one VST FX for every track, especially for the guitar disto FX that is more to be placed as an insert than aux

I often add more features, but my way is : if this can be done and it is still simple for beginners to use vArranger, so it's OK


Hi !
If you want to use so many vst instruments in your setup I
recommend you to use a vst - plugin called Blue Cats Patchwork
A universal plug-ins patchbay that can host up to 64 VST
or Audio Unit plug-ins. Use Synths or effects. Build your
own effects chains: up to 8 "pre" and "post" plug-ins slots
to chain plug-ins in series. Parallel processing made easy: up
to 8 parallel plug-ins chains, with phase flip, solo and gain
controls. in serial or parallell. Save your setups easy !!
Use it as standalone or vst / vsti plugin - your choice !

It's just wonderful to use together with vArranger.
Regards Michael


I read Michael comment and decided that Bluecatpatchwork was just the program I needed to work with vArranger2. Unfortunately I may have loaded the 64bit version into vArranger and though it shows in the vst window the graphics for Bluecat are not appearing and when I try to delete by the red X although it says " unloading " vArranger freezes and have to use task manager to end vAranger.


Just delete vArranger.ini (file) and load Blue Cats Patchwork x86 version !
vArranger makes a new .ini file

/ M


Thank you Michael for your quick reply. Thast has done the it. Bluecat is no running in vArranger. Thank your tip and your help.


Thank you for the lovely tip, i didnt know that one... Gonna test it tonight Bluepatchwork...

And back to Dan, thank you for answering my question.  I am quite content with your answer.  However, on adding advanced features, you can allways do so, as long as they dont get in the way of new users that require an easy interface.


Patchwork is less powerful than chainer.  8)


Eric, you need to use the 32 bit DLL of BluePatchWork, not 64 bit

If a VST is crashing, you go on the vArranger2.ini, and you remove the line VSTXX= your dll


I am afraid it was my fault, by mistake I loaded the 64bit .dll but it is rectified now and vArranger and Bluecatpatchwork are working perfectly together. Thanks Dan for your concern.