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Agaton, What styles used in these demo's?

Started by lee, February 18, 2015, 01:09:55 AM

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Styles are very good, that is OK, I would say, normal factory styles, nothing specially.
But cruical reason why you like that, is a Sound Engine which play this Styles. It is a
new Sound Engine what I sampled for vArranger2 Synth, with 24Bit stereo samples,
velocity switched, multilayered and very detailed edited, played on one of Trans Audio
which I made for Live Gigs, naturaly thru amazing vArranger2 software !!!

I have made more demos of this Sound Engine (as promo for my Trans Audio Instruments),
with another styles and all of them sounding like this what you found and heard. Naturaly,
I have remixed little bit all of styles, but not radical, just level, panorama and send level of
VST Effects on a style tracks.

Styles are only factory styles from Yamaha Tyros 5 and Ketron SD1 and SD5. You can find it
hier on vArranger Forum and download it, but I say to you one more time, it is not only the
style what so good sounding, it is first of all, Sound Engine of vArranger2, which played this
styles, and also mix of this styles, with VST Effects on style tracks (one amazing function of


Hello agaton, your demo sound very good.
How can we have your sounds please ? 


It is a brand new TA Sound Engine and all about that will be known in a few days.
We (Dan and me) have to decide, in which way will be TA Sound Engine distributed
in relation to vArranger2, for new and for old users of vArranger2 software.

TA Sound Engine will be done exclusively for vArranger2, and as a part of vArranger2
Software Synthesizer. All specifications of TA Sound Engine will be advertise also in
a few days. Please to have a little patience. In a meanwhile, I shall make some more style
demos, and we shall upload that on vArranger2 Facebook site.


OK...thanks for reply...
In my opinion (others too) one of the biggest reasons for the future of vA2 (lots of sales) is if vA2 has great sounds in it out of the box.
I mean to play the styles so they sound super.

If people want to pay thousands to get the very best VST's that's OK, but lot's of us just want it to sound like a TOTL arranger would.
I had a Tyros 2 a few years ago and last night I played some styles I got for all of the Andew LLoyde Webber musicals and they did not do well on vA2 with SD-1000. I don't know why. Maybe even I have something wrong here? But I am a little discouraged today.

Looking forward to seeing what you & Dan come up with.


You can send me the style that sounds bad with the SD1000, and I will see what is the problem


Do you have any Yamaha arrangers there?
These were for a T1---T2 so pretty basic.

Also, If I am playing a Yamaha styles....and using SD-1000 do I use SD1000 OR GM2 as the type in the MIDI configuration?
I hope SD-1000 as otherwise I don't have access to the other great sounds on the SD.



Yes you need to select SD1000.
Do you have updated your SD1000?
I have a PSRA2000 here,so I can test your styles, and understand what is wrong.


Yes, I have SD-1000 selected.
I will send the styles to you.
They are Tyros 1 and 2 styles...will those work on a PSR 2000?? I think they have Mega voices.



Lee, you can send this styles also to me, to check it with
TA Sound Engine. I can play all of Yamaha styles with it.
Maybe your styles are simply bad. I maked also one Sound
Engine in XG standard with Mega Voices, to play Yamaha
Styles which have Mega Voices on style tracks. To time
TA Sound Engine haven't Mega Voices sounds, but I shall
have to add it from my XG Sound Engine, promptly.


What e-mail should I use?


You can use e-mail from my profile on vArranger forum.


So good Agaton, with your new soundset you made the Varranger sound as good as with an SD1000..  And styles on par with Tyros 5....

Most people dont realise this... But this seems like the moment Varranger turns into a full software solution, witouth the need for additional hardware to make styles sound as brilliant as that...


I wrote that I shell add Mega Voices sounds to TA Sound Engine,
but we have to wait for Dan to deblock midi routings and filters
what he made relating to Mega Voices to prevent cacophony when
Yamahas styles will be played with non Yamaha sound module.

Most of demos what you can hear are Yamaha Styles, that mean
this TA Sound Engine, can play excellent Yamahas styles, in a
quality which is on very, very high level !!! Yamahas sounds are
no problem, because TA Sound Engine is not only "SD1000 sounds",
there are much more sounds as in a SD1000, and bad sounds from
SD1000 I had exchange with much better sounds.



which bad SD1000 sounds did you replace?
I use an SD1000 and found not realy bad sounds ( for my taste).
I miss only some special sounds like a good bavarian zither, some old e-guitars  (like Shadows play) or some old synthesizer sounds like clavioline (plays melody of Telstar from the Tornados, a very old song from the sixties). I like this old sound.


You are in right, in SD1000 is no one realy bad sound, it is to time
one of the best sounding modules on the market, specially for playing
midi files or styles. I have changed some of Accordions sounds, some
of Guitar and Bass sounds (you wrote about it in your previous post),
and most important, I changed many Drum Kits, Drum pieces and
Percussions. I made a few new Drum Kits compatibel to Yamahas Drum
Kits (Arabic, Latin, Cuban Kits) with typical Yamahas Percussions and
Drum pieces above C6 and below C1. The same thing I made with Drum
Kits in Korg and Roland standard. New are audio drum and percusion
loops which I put on free places in Live Drums Bank, and also new are
some Saxophones, Flutes and Orient sounds. All not one-shot sounds
are perfect looped. I made sampling thru Avalon and TLA Tube PreAmps
with RME Fireface 802 audio interface (phenomenal Dynamic and S/N Ratio). 
I have used the best Sommer cables and legendary RDL DI-Box to balance
outs of SD1000. In a sampling technology every noise, or rumble etc... also
on lowest level is disastrous for result. Specially SD1000 sounds benefit from
all that, cause of low level of SD1000 Outputs. On the end, samples were
mastered thru Thermionic Culture Vulture Tube Summing machine.  It was
preaty donkeywork to made all of that, on the highest quality level. Now it is
one Sound Engine which sounding, cause of all this Tube equipment, more
briliant, with portion of air touch (low and high harmonics), and very, very 
diferentiated with more pressure in a mix of styles.



It is RDL FP-UBC2. This model is not only DI-Box, it is also 2-Channel
Line In PreAmp with gold plated RCA contacts, and gold plated XLR Pins,
adjustable gain from -5dB to +10dB per channel, ranging on outputs from
−20 dBV to −5 dBV and very low distortion conversion for the best quality.
It convert noiseless, unbalanced to balanced outs and has own, typically
British warm sound. It is one legendary Flat-Pak Radio Design Labs Unit and
it is very good for all Keyboards and Modules without balanced outputs, and
poorly signal level, not only to balanced it !!! The price is very high (ca.150€),
but its quality also.