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I am curious about this program. Usually before I buy anything, I go on YouTube and I check out honest reviews, tutorials on  how to use the program, all the ins an outs of the program, etc. But I couldn't find anything on YouTube. I tried to go over the manual that is uploaded here in the forums, but there is too many terms that go over my head. And I didn't see anything specifically about creating your own styles.

I just see people using it to play on YouTube. It looks interesting, but how easy is it to create your own styles? I don't want to spend money on a whim. :)

I am a complete novice to a program like this, and have had a Yamaha PSR in the past, and what I love about them is the ease of use. I literally pick the instrument, record the part, and the style is made.

Is this that easy? Does the program come with it's own sounds, with it's own drum kits and percusion sets? How does that work?

What's the benefits of buying this over a Yamaha PSR.

Any info, and if you guys can direct me to a video that has this info, it would be great.

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