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I am looking to add a 2nd keyboard to my Genos..
But there don't seem to be any good ones available ..
All it needs is 76 high quallity keys with aftertouch and possibly 2 wheels to the leftside..

So i am thinking of ordering a fatar TP/9S keybed
And building one myself
This looks to be the place where people could have experiencein building their own keys..

So where do you buy a fatar keybed?
And where do i buy the other parts?
And what processor board to use for the midi and usb connection?

Any help is very very welcome..

Anyone got experience with this tool:

The Elgato stream deck allows you to assign any keyboard shortcut to any key..
Since v-arranger supports keyboard shortcuts for pretty much anything
It might be a very nice key... you can makeyour own thumbnails quite easilly

You can make multiple layers of buttons, and switch easilly between them..
Or even change between programs..  like your daw and v-arranger..


Does anyone know if Bemore organs (which supports exactly the same style brands as Varranger) has a Varranger inside?

Did anyone get Varranger to work inside a Wersi OAX organ?
The Wersi sonic sounds great as an organ but the style engine is outdated..


When i have 4 differend soundsets for playing different types of styles..
How do i manage this internally?
Do i have to reload the sf2 pack if i want to play another brand of style
Or can i use midi to switch between soundsets live?

Is there a manual somewhere available from the softsynth that comes with V-arranger?

Or maybe just a good manuall of Varranger as a whole..
the last one i found was kinda limited..
The vArranger² Software Forum / VIP
May 14, 2018, 10:01:19 AM

Is anyone using the VIP host software from Akai in combination with Varranger?

The software allows you to stack up to 8 sounds and add up to 4 vst effects/sound..
It also is a giant searchable database for all your VST sounds
With the release of version 3.0, the akai software is usable on all midi keys and can be purchased seperately..

The vArranger² Software Forum / Development Blog
June 01, 2016, 12:47:37 PM
Dan, would it be a good idea to have some kind of development blog, where people can read

Whats the current status of the Varranger program including a listing of recently added features and their dat
But also the new stuff you are currently working on..
As well as things you aim to add in the future...

For an outsider like me with an honest interest in your archievements its very hard to see what new advancements you are making....

But also for possible customers its hard to find out about the latest version, as often the information on the website is old and cought up by time...
Comming from a Mac, where this is possible on PC Windows 10..

Now imagine that i want to run several audio applications and midi applications at the same time... Completely lagfree... Routing midi between them, and all using the same Audio out...( in my case, using the USB of the upcomming montage as the audio interface ).....  I am thinking to use cubase, Varranger, band in a box and Karma(only midi) for Motif, all running at the same time and hoping to be able to quickly change between them ..  No rewire, all syncing to the midi clock of the montage..

Its important to have low latency...

Would this be possible... And what tools would you be using for this..

The vArranger² Software Forum / Version history
January 29, 2016, 08:19:12 PM
Is there a version history somewhere, with a list of all the update notes?

( the latest version seems to be 1.18 from 2013, if i look at the topics in this forum)
Looks to me like the new Montage might be a perfect match for the Upcomming new V-arranger..

If my favourite tyros features (sa2/ensemble) are part of Montage, this might be the time to move to V-arranger
The vArranger² Software Forum / Piracy
November 30, 2015, 02:10:10 PM
Be warned,

I did get two requests from people trough facebook for a download link for the latest version of Varranger..

Obviously they dont have a license, or they would have asked Dan and got their latest version.

Just wondering how they could trace back my facebook account trough this forum?

The vArranger² Software Forum / Good demo video
October 02, 2015, 05:36:01 AM
Over at the piano forum we hav a discussion about biabox and arranger modules. I pointed them to Varranger as a very good option to.  They however asked for a tutorial video explaining how Varrager could be used.  They are non areanger players but piano players.

Sadly i could not find any good tutorials explaining how Varranger works..   Personally i think adding Varranger or an arranger module for that really offers a lot to a DP player...

Does anyone know some good links to english language videos explaining the options from Varranger to absolute noobs?


This sounds really really good, an upcomming kontakt GM bank...   Might be a good soundsource for Varranger..  Atleast these demos sound spectacular..
The vArranger² Software Forum / Audya audio styles
June 23, 2015, 07:39:10 PM
Dan, is audya style compatibillity including audio tracks for guitars, bass and other tracks still on your to do list? 

Or did it get scratched off, i can imagine its quite a challenge to program the audio parts, even Yamaha is staying away from it, tough they do have pattents for it.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Moxf questions
May 02, 2015, 07:49:05 AM
Is anyone using the MOXf with Varranger?

Is it posible to run both Varranger and the Karma on the PC At the same time
Does anyone use the MOXf as the USB audio interface?
Can one controll?(sync) the tempo on the Varranger from the buildin tempo of the MOxf
The vArranger² Software Forum / Mac version
April 02, 2015, 05:55:20 PM
Just wondering if there is a mac version on Dan's to do list?

Ever since i got my hands on a macbook pro i have become really fond of how fluently it works.. As a daw it surpasses windows in every possibillity... Stabillity, performance, latency and best of all, everything works perfectly together straight from the box..  Comming from a windows background, i think OSX is way ahead of Windows as a DAW platform. I am very happy with logic/mainstage/live    And yes, i also have a multi touchscreen 27" connected to the Mac, there is 3rd party software available..
Can i make my own mapping for sounds?

A good example is creating a specific soundset on Korg Kronos as a module for Varranger (its possible to import SF2 sounds into the HD1 engine) ... All i would like to do is map the typical GM2 midi output of Varranger to the midi numbers of the new sounds...
The vArranger² Software Forum / Jack audio
March 11, 2015, 08:26:42 PM
Did anyone get a chance to use Varranger with the new 32/64 bit version from Jack Audio?

Jack audio is a routing tool for both audio and midi, for people using other software next to Varranger at the same time..
The vArranger² Software Forum / VST questions..
February 20, 2015, 11:21:29 AM
Hello Dan, just a few questions concerning your ongoing development.. ( you must realize by now that Varranger will be an ever expanding project )...  I base these questions uppon the information found in your online manuall

1) will the current VST rack (asuming the VST rack is a global thing) of only 16 VSTs be expanded in the near future?   Many people have dozens of VSTs, collecting VSTs is a bad habbit of mine, and it would be great to be able to use them all if i decided to upgrade to Varranger.

2) Does the VST arranger support VST effects in any way? I could not find information about this in the online manuall. It would be great that for those tracks that use sounds from the Varranger synth, VSTs, or SF2 tables you could chain several VST effects for each channel..  VST effects are the bread and butter that makes VSTs sound so awesome over hardware..  On top of that it would also be awesome if we could select those VST effects the global effects EFX1 (reverb) and EFX2 (currently up to 3 different effects) 

Espescially adding number 2 would allow Varranger2 to take another step in sound quallity... 

Thank you Dann for taking the time to answer this, and keep up the good work..
The vArranger² Software Forum / Tyros4 soundset
October 23, 2014, 02:28:17 PM
Does anyone overhere have access to the Tyros 4 soundset that came with keystar and live styler...

It was a set of 1400 sounds including all the megavoices, and worked quite well for Yamaha styles containing megavoices...

Sadly the producer of Live-styler died recently, which makes both the software as the sound database unavailable...   But it seems those megavoices might come in handy for Varranger...