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I'd like to say again, Dan, I do appreciate your generosity in this. Thank you. I think at last I have a clear picture of what the drawbars set-up is. (Although it does seem to me in some ways an odd way to go about things.) The SD2 is a quirky beast, isn't it ? This adds to my long-standing impression it must have originated as the heart of a keyboard. Was that the case ?
That's very generous, Dan. Thank you. Are you saying the 20-29 series are control codes, rather than conventional patch/program numbers ?
Ian G.
The vArranger² Software Forum / SD2 drawbars (22/11/21)
November 22, 2021, 10:41:00 AM
I'm being, I realise, a bit cheeky here, but I hope I may be forgiven.............
I read that Varranger will run the SD2 drawbars. But, forgive me, Varranger costs rather significantly more than nothing, and for most other purposes I run my SD2 directly either with just a keyboard controller, or other software.
I have been trying to access the 67 bank. If I set the MSB to 67 from the keyboard controller, and then set one of the relevant program/patch numbers, and play, the midi light on the SD2 flashes, but there is no sound. The only sense I can make of this is that there is some sort of establishing trigger that I don't know of.
If that is right, and anyone will just tell me what it is, I would be enormously grateful. (And if you guard your secrets, fair enough !)
Ian Graham
Thank you ;D
It seems sensible to tag on to this thread, rather than start another with a variant name ? I hope that's OK?

The headline appeal of vArranger for me is its 'hospitality' to the SD2.

vArranger is obviously a powerful software. What I would like to be able to do amounts to much less than its full potential.
My question is: is it possible to use vArranger in a less-than-everything way ?
For now, I am not interested in styles and an auto-accompaniment of that sort.

What I would like to be able to do is 'just' coordinate simple live-play from one or two keyboards, with the software enabling me to
(a) layer voices, and
(b) vary the sound envelope, and most particularly the attack.

If it also makes it easy for me to
(c) set up sound changes to be activated in a 1-touch or 2-touch  way, and
(d) record a performance in some sense ie as midi, as a proprietary format, or as audio,
those things would be bonuses.
Ian G
Wales UK
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW VIDEO DEMOS
March 02, 2021, 10:22:53 AM
I have used the SD2 for years, as a straight GM (+) module, and have always been aware there was more to it than that, and yet I couldn't find a community of a software that really related to 'all that'. Have I, at last, done so ?
Anyway, specific to this thread: the DEMOS seem to be almost entirely live-play of various set-ups. Is there any plan to make any more specifically instructional videos?