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The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Genos 2 Styles
December 21, 2023, 06:55:51 PM
Quote from: freakman on December 19, 2023, 06:30:49 AMHas anyone received the 1.20 version?

I got version 1.20 last week after paying for the post. However, this was my first subscription payment. I agree that everyone who paid for a subscription when there were no upgrades should get this update according to the motto: We value our customers.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Genos 2 Styles
December 12, 2023, 08:19:44 AM
Thank you.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Genos 2 Styles
December 10, 2023, 02:29:24 PM
I would like to get the update to the newest version.
Is this link universal or for a specific user?
Quote from: Dan on December 08, 2023, 02:50:06 PM
It sounds like a ChatGPT reply. :-)
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: MidiWorsk setup
February 27, 2023, 04:53:28 PM
I understand you.
However, I don't think that would be possible.
You can connect the output of Midiworks to the input of vArranger using the loopMIDI program.
The problem I see is that you can only send 1 MIDI channel to vArranger this way.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: MidiWorsk setup
February 26, 2023, 03:07:28 PM
The vArranger's Software Synthesizer cannot be directly connected to any program other than vArranger.
What you can do is create a midi file using MidiWorks and then play it in vArranger.
If I am right, you can create a midi file using vArranger's Song chord function.
Then you can play this midi file and record it as an audio file using your keyboard.
Scores / Re: Lucille Starr songstyles and sheetmusic
January 25, 2023, 09:57:34 PM

I wrote the sheet music for you.
Enjoy it.
Btw. Comments are welcome.

Vaclav Muller
Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: Vst3
October 27, 2022, 02:47:40 PM
J'ai le problème inverse.
J'aimerais créer un effet de plug-in VST 2, mais Steinberk a cessé de prendre en charge cette version VST.
Quelqu'un pourrait-il me conseiller sur la façon de créer un effet VST simple (version 2.4) en C++ ?

J'ai trouvé ceci mais je ne sais pas comment le faire fonctionner dans Visual Studio 2022.

J'aimerais éviter les frameworks comme iPlug2 ou Dplug si c'est possible.


I have the opposite problem.
I would like to create a VST 2 plugin effect, but Steinberk has discontinued support for this VST version.
Could someone please advise me on how to creatine a simple VST effect (version 2.4) in C++?

I found this but have no idea how to get it working in Visual Studio 2022.

I would like to avoid frameworks like iPlug2 or Dplug if it is possible.
Hi Dan.

Thank you for the reply.

These SysEx messages work well for my Yamaha CSP170.

The first one (loff.txt) sends LOCAL OFF.
I am sending this before running vArranger.

The second one (lon.txt) sends LOCAL ON.
I am sending this after closing vArranger.
C'est super.

Cela pourrait-il être utilisé pour mon messages SysEx?,4422.0.html
I would try to connect the flash drive to a USB hub.
Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: EXPANSION PACK
May 03, 2022, 07:23:50 AM
J'ai créé ce programme pour PSR S650 il y a 9 ans.
Bonjour Jacques1220

Merci pour vos compliments.  :)

I created my own controller for vArranger. It is based on Arduino Leonardo. This version of Arduino can read and send midi messages via USB port.
Buttons are connected in a form of 4x4 matrix.
These buttons send midi values:

Note on: 90 xx 7F
Note off: 80 xx 00

Intro 1: 24
Intro 2: 25
Intro 3: 26
--- : 27 (not used)
Main A: 28
Main B: 29
Main C: 2A
Main D: 2B
Ending 1: 2C
Ending 2: 2D
Ending 3: 2E
--- : 2F (not used)
Start/Stop: 30
--- : 31 (not used)
--- : 32 (not used)
6.5 jack: 33 (jack on back side of the controller - for foot switch)

Each button has its own backlight. (LED diodes)
These are connected in a form of 2x8 matrix via MAX 7219
and they light up according to incoming midi messages.
Midi codes of buttons correspond to midi codes of LED diodes.

Used buttons:
I only answer what I know.
- vArranger is for Windows only, there is not a Mac version.
- Memory intensive depends on the number and size of sounds used.
- It can play midi files using vArranger.
- It can't play BIAB styles.

Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: varranger reglage
March 04, 2022, 08:26:28 AM
Le meilleur que j'ai trouvé (et acheté):

Joli design.
Je prévois de faire quelque chose de similaire mais uniquement pour le contrôle manuel.
Avez-vous utilisé cette police?
By the way.
I bought a 3D printer last month.

I would like to design my own MIDI controller for vArranger
All I need for live play is these buttons:
Intro 1, Intro 2, Intro 3,
Main A, Main B, Main C, Main D,
Ending 1, Ending 2, Ending 3
and Start / Stop

I can set all the other functions before playing on the PC.
If I succeed, I will share the whole project on the forum.
Dan promises a refund in case of dissatisfaction.
(during the trial period)

Any function can be controlled
- by the PC keyboard
- by any midi device (KORG NANOKONTROL, PLAYTRON by Playtronica, any MIDI keyboard,...)
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW : VERSION 'NEXT'
December 28, 2021, 04:03:47 AM
Is it worth it to you?

It seems like a mockery of your customers to want people to pay for updates and at the same time not issue any updates.
This is not a good reputation for your whole wonderful project.

If you don't have enough time, why not get someone to help you with the program?

vArranger is certainly the best software aranger, but we all know he needs to fine tune.

More than adding other features, I would focus on fixing and completing the existing ones.

With wishes of beautiful holidays and much success in the new year

your big fan
Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: Listings songs
November 09, 2021, 08:22:09 PM
Save this as listgen.bat
Copy it to the folder you want and run.

del "list of files.txt"
chcp 1252
for %%a in (*) do echo %%a >> "list of files.txt"
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Style volume
August 26, 2021, 05:35:59 PM
Editing the .ini file does not seem user-friendly to me.
These variables should be editable directly using the program menu.
QuoteIt would be the greatest selling tool for vArranger.

This video would be not only the greatest selling tool but also the greatest user guide.
Hello Dan
Could you add function "send user definable SysEx message", please?

This could be usefull for example when I want to turn off the internal sound of my keyboard.

I found this:

So I created these SysEx files and I send this messages to the keyboard using Bome SendSX program
and it worked, but it could be more comfortable do it directly using vArranger.

B0 7A 00
B1 7A 00
B2 7A 00
B3 7A 00
B4 7A 00
B5 7A 00
B6 7A 00
B7 7A 00
B8 7A 00
B9 7A 00
BA 7A 00
BB 7A 00
BC 7A 00
BD 7A 00
BE 7A 00
BF 7A 00

B0 7A 7F
B1 7A 7F
B2 7A 7F
B3 7A 7F
B4 7A 7F
B5 7A 7F
B6 7A 7F
B7 7A 7F
B8 7A 7F
B9 7A 7F
BA 7A 7F
BB 7A 7F
BC 7A 7F
BD 7A 7F
BE 7A 7F
BF 7A 7F
to didier44

Many thanks for the CSP150 .ins file.
"Peu  voire pas adapté pour le jeu avec un arrangeur ."

Utilisez la fonction Song Chord au lieu de votre main gauche.
Scores / Re: A tip for a suitable style.
February 28, 2021, 04:43:12 PM
Thank you.
Scores / Re: A tip for a suitable style.
January 19, 2021, 07:57:53 AM
By the way,
If you find a bug in the score, please let me know.
Scores / A tip for a suitable style.
January 19, 2021, 07:54:34 AM
I am looking for a suitable style to this song.

Does anyone have a suitable tip?
What about to use Song chord function and create few midi files with CM7 chord and all the style main variations, intros, endings, etc.
Then it can be simply converted into style using for example StyleMagic YA or midi2style.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Sort styles by tempo
December 06, 2020, 09:22:49 PM
Hi Dan,

I thought it would be handy to be able to choose
how the styles will be sorted in the list.
For example "Sort styles by default tempo"
could be very useful.
Calling Up Registration Memory Numbers In Order (Registration Sequence) - Yamaha PSR-S950 Reference Manual
What about to use this function?

1) Prepare a list of the section for your song in the vArranger.
(I don't know if this function is already implemented.)
for example:
Intro 3, Main A, Main B, Main A, Main C, Main D, Ending 3

2) Press a key (or footswitch) to go to the next section. (using fill-in)

In this case, you should need only one switch
I think the note range should be from 36 to 54.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: vArranger on Laptop
November 19, 2020, 11:16:27 AM
Quote... MIDI software to transfer MIDI DATA by the local network...
for example this one:
For mixing parts of Yamaha styles there is this free utility:

Or you can use this great editor:
Quote from: The Wizz on October 15, 2020, 04:45:02 PM
See attached : Beatles - "Something" .kar file and "A Whiter Shade of Pale" .mid file for testing chords display. Both files have lyrics.


Hi The Wizz,

These files contain lyrics but not chord identifiers  (Yamaha XF Chords). So there is nothing to display.
Ketron Styles / Re: style cuarteto
August 27, 2020, 02:30:28 PM
I found this image:

Here is a style CumbiaGrupera from Yamaha PSR S650.

The midi file could be converted into style file also.
In any case - vArranger is the best software arranger in the world.
Its price does not seem to be low, but it corresponds to its value.
If you prefer a finished and closed system, then you should buy a normal keyboard.
But if you would like to experiment with your own sounds, use any VST instrument or play with styles using any midi controller, then vArranger is the ideal choice for you.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
August 06, 2020, 10:11:40 AM
Thank you for your answer. I believe that the next attempt will be successful.
Quote...there are others who want it to work more like a hardware arranger keyboard and get frustrated with missing features...
-and frustrated by the lack of communication:,578.msg31973.html#msg31973
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
July 30, 2020, 10:50:10 AM
Hello Dan.
Do you plan to fix this issue?

Each basic keyboard can harmonize the melody depending on the played chord.
So I think this should work in vArranger too.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: varranger demo
July 25, 2020, 09:43:23 AM
There is NO official demo version of vArranger and the cracked version (findable on the internet) is obsolete and so it can't fully demonstrate the current version.
The current version supports VSTi and has its own virtual synth worked fine in realtime. Chord notes are now transposed more naturally.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
June 22, 2020, 08:56:19 PM
Dan, could you please make the harmony function usable?

Quote from: v.muller on June 16, 2019, 12:27:03 PM
The current version of "auto harmony" is still unusable. :-(
There is only one thing left to do:
fix the "changing chord" problem, as I wrote a year ago.,578.msg28584.html#msg28584

I found this interesting function in Genos: Dynamics Control

This determines how the Style playback volume changes depending on the playing strength.
• Off: The volume is kept the same regardless of playing strength.
• Narrow: The volume changes over a narrow range.
• Medium: The volume changes over a medium range.
• Wide: The volume changes over a wide range.
I examined the structure of cpt files.
Here is my convertor that converts these files into midi file.
It's one of my first program in C language,
so if somebody finds a bug - please let me know.

The package contains all CTK-731 built-in styles converted into midi file.
Using for example StyleMagic YA this can be converted into Yamaha style.
To BjayG.
I agree with you that more than other features vArranger needs to tune the existing.
The request (not directed to Dan) was for a convertor, not integration into vArranger.
Yamaha styles could be edited for example using MidiSoft StyleMagic YA
and this file could be used in other (hardware) arrangers (= Yamaha keyboards).

I started to analyze the CPT file structure.
Now I'm able to convert it to Yamaha format manually.
I haven't access other Casio keyboards.
The factory styles from the CTK-731 I got using in-build style editor.
The factory-style could be copied to the editor and then saved to the floppy.
I was using the same method to get styles from Yamaha PSR S650.
I exported all the Casio CTK-731 built-in styles (*.cpt).
Do somebody know if this can be converted for example to the yamaha format?

This utility contains convertor, that can convert cpt to the ckf.

Ckf styles can be played using this program:

This program converts the Yamaha STY files to CKF, but I look for opposite conversion.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW : VERSION 'NEXT'
February 24, 2020, 10:21:40 PM
This is just cosmetic imperfection.
I am more worried about the unusable harmony function.
QuoteEt surtout la possibilité de désactiver les vsti sans avoir besoin d'aller dans le fichier .ini, quand un coince c'est l'enfer pour s'en sortir.
Je suis d'accord.
Yamaha keyboards has ACMP (accompaniment) button.
When it is OFF, whole keyboards plays right (main) voice.
When it is ON, the left side (to F#2 by default) is for chord playing.

Could vArranger be used with rhythmic accompaniment only?
Similarly to Yamaha's ACMP OFF.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW : VERSION 'NEXT'
September 06, 2019, 07:19:06 AM
That's great. Thank you.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW : VERSION 'NEXT'
September 04, 2019, 07:10:38 AM
Hi Dan,

Many thanks for the reply.

Best Regards
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW : VERSION 'NEXT'
September 03, 2019, 08:02:38 PM
 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
I do not personally request too many new features.
I just want things to work as they should.

As I wrote many times before:

1) Show voice list and style list after program start,2938.msg22706.html#msg22706

2) Show the selected voice after selecting the channel.,3739.msg29852.html#msg29852

3) changing of harmony notes after changing chord,578.msg28584.html#msg28584

Then I can think about further financial support for the project.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
August 12, 2019, 10:02:23 PM
Hi Dan.
Could you answer me please?
Right click to the Lyrics button.
Thank you.
I recorded few midi files on my PSR S550, then I analyzed them.
Here is the result:

System_exclusive, 6, 67, 126, 0, X, 127, 247  = start section
System_exclusive, 6, 67, 126, 0, X, 0, 247  = end section

Where X means:



16 A>A, B>A, C>A, D>A
17 A>B, B>B, C>B, D>B
18 A>C, B>C, C>C, D>C
19 A>D, B>D, C>D, D>D

The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
July 03, 2019, 10:38:25 AM
Yamaha PSR S550.
Lorsque le démarrage synchronisé est activé, le bouton Démarrer clignote dans le tempo sélectionné.
Ce n'est pas une fonction dont j'ai besoin, mais je me demande si Dan répondra.
Yamaha Styles / Re: Yamaha Styles
June 22, 2019, 11:57:18 AM
Thank you.
I am sorry for English response - my German is not good.

The vArranger fully emulate the keyboards ACMP (Accompaniment).
You can use ANY keyboard with midi out.
Pressed keys are realised using standard style files.
You can play with for example styles from Tyros.

The keyboard is splited to the chord and melody part
(similar to yamaha keyboards)

But you can't use the keyboards buttons for controlling of the vArranger [Start] [Intro] [Ending]...
But it could be controlled for example using PC keyboard, mouse or any MIDI device: TouchOSC, MIDI pedal...

If you have some MIDI sound module, you can use it (Ketron SD2, SD1000, keyboard)
Or you can use the vArrangers Synth for playing virtual instruments (SF2, VSTi,...) directly generated on your PC, for this you need no so old computer.

Es tut mir leid für die englische Antwort - mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.

Der vArranger emuliert die Tastaturen ACMP (Accompaniment) vollständig.
Sie können JEDES Keyboard mit MIDI-Ausgang verwenden.
Gedrückte Tasten werden mit Standard-Style-Dateien realisiert.
Sie können beispielsweise mit Styles von Tyros spielen.

Die Tastatur ist in den Akkord- und Melodieteil aufgeteilt
(ähnlich wie bei Yamaha-Tastaturen)

Sie können die Tastaturtasten jedoch nicht zur Steuerung des vArranger verwenden. [Start] [Intro] [Ending] ...
Es kann aber zum Beispiel mit einer PC-Tastatur, einer Maus oder einem beliebigen MIDI-Gerät gesteuert werden: TouchOSC, MIDI-Pedal ...

Wenn Sie ein MIDI-Soundmodul haben, können Sie es verwenden (Ketron SD2, SD1000, Keyboard)
Oder Sie können den vArrangers Synth zum Spielen von virtuellen Instrumenten (SF2, VSTi, ...) verwenden, die direkt auf Ihrem PC generiert wurden. Dafür benötigen Sie keinen so alten Computer.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
June 16, 2019, 12:27:03 PM
The current version of "auto harmony" is still unusable. :-(
There is only one thing left to do:
fix the "changing chord" problem, as I wrote a year ago.,578.msg28584.html#msg28584
German vArranger forum / Re: vA2 mit soundfonts
May 31, 2019, 07:28:35 PM
Hallo tthoms

Ich komme nicht aus Deutschland und mein Deutsch ist schlecht.

Ich verwende eine 32-Bit-Version des vArranger-Synthesizers.
Es reicht für meine Soundfont-Sammlung.

Versuchen Sie, den Autor der Brücke zu kontaktieren.

Andernfalls können Sie diese 32- bis 64-Bit-Bridge ausprobieren:
German vArranger forum / Re: vA2 mit soundfonts
May 26, 2019, 07:02:47 PM
Hier ist ein schöner Winamp DSP-Effekt.

Und hier ist eine VST-Brücke, die Winamp DSP-Effekt lädt.
A few lines of code would make the selecting of voice much easier and logical.
Why not do it?
Hi bluebeat

Try the midi file convert into csv using this utility:

Then you could modify the csv using Notepad.
- remove lines containing the markers

Then convert modified csv back to midi.

This way you can help find, what marker causes the error.
Demo recorded using vArranger.
I have activated Synchoro Start function.
When I am in the Song Chord window, I can start the sequence by pressing the chord on my keyboard.
The detected chord is automatically inserted to the Song Chords table, but not at the current played position, but into the selected beat.

Could the chords be automatically inserted to the closest beat to the currently played?
This could speedup the chord inserting.
You can export midi (accompaniment only) using Song Chords function.
Then you can record the melody to this using Cakewalk, or similar MIDI editing software.
Here is one freeware midi sequencer - Domino 1.22 - English version:

Vous pouvez exporter des fichiers midi (accompagnement uniquement) à l'aide de la fonction Song Chords.
Vous pouvez ensuite enregistrer la mélodie sur Cakewalk, ou un logiciel d'édition MIDI similaire.
Voici un séquenceur midi gratuit - Domino 1.22 - Version anglaise:
I do not understand your question, but if you used Paypal to purchase, all should be OK.
If I remember well, I also bought it that same way.
Welcome to our group and enjoy this great software!
I fixed a missing "C" chord symbol in measure no. 52. in my previous post.
Btw. The Style should be somethings from the Latin category.
And here is the sheet music according to your midi file.
I think you should transpose the midi file (-2) and save as new midi file.
You can use for example this free MIDI editor (Domino 1.22 - English version):
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Chord question
March 02, 2019, 07:20:36 PM
This is standard chord types.
Yamaha keyboards know them as well.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Chord question
March 02, 2019, 06:53:25 PM
1+8 means octave only, for example notes C4 + C5
1+5 means quint only, (chord without third) for example C4 + G4

See this:
Thank you Carlo.
Yamaha keyboards with 4 Main variations has 4 OTS (One Touch Settings).
When the function "OTS Link" is activated, every Main variation is linked to one of these OTS.
Main A is linked to OST 1, Main B is linked to OTS 2, Main C is linked to OTS 3 and Main D is linked to OTS4.
So, when you change the Main variation, the keyboard automatically change voice(s) (and their settings) for right hand.

I thing this could be useful to have the ability to select voices and their settings for every Main variation.
Hi Dan.
Do you have any progress in this?
If you need, I'm ready to help you.
SF2 File Converter/Compressor 1.0.1 (Windows)
Convert SF2 SoundFonts to SF3 (Vorbis) or SF4 (FLAC) and back
German vArranger forum / Re: HARMONY AUTO mode
February 15, 2019, 05:59:04 PM
I am sure, the 2nd voice must match with the just played chord.

For example.
If melody note is G and just played chord is G then 2nd voice could be B (or D, but B sounds better)
but if the just played chord is C then 2nd voice should not be B. (This would create a dissonance. CM7)
Best sounding 2nd voice in this case is E.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Harmony?
February 14, 2019, 08:58:28 PM
Hi Dan.

Is there any progress in this matter?
Could you give me an answer, please?
I would like to explain, what I found.
Some official information from Yamaha PSR-S770 User Manual:
Maybe using Arduino we could create a MIDI controller tailored for use with vArranger.
It works exactly as I expected.
I modified note volumes in style file - other volume for other source note.
The picture shows notes with the same volume with the same collor.

Btw. the bass notes are from other track in the style file.
Hi Dan

Many thanks for the reply and for your interest.
I thing it is very important, to fix this, mainly due to consistency of harmony.
Big jumps in chords does not sound good.

I think it works this way:

CM7 chord is devided into 2 tracks:
C - Bass
E G B - Chord

The base tone (C) is transposed normally.

Tones E G B are simply transposed only for chords BM7 C#M7 and DM7.
Chord EbM7
- Base note (Eb) is transposed from C (base note of CM7)
- note G is from G
- note Bb is from B
- note D is from E

Chords EM7 FM7 and F#M7 are transposed from EbM7
Chord GM7
-Base note (G) is transposed from C (base note of CM7)
- note B is from B
- note D is from E
- note F# is from G

Chords G#M7 AM7 and BbM7 are transposed from GM7
I'm going to try to record these chords using a modified style file.
I will change velocities of the notes, so It will be clear, which note is source for which note.
If my assumption is correct, then for example base note of chord Eb is not derived from C but from E in chord C.
7th chords are divided by the same system:

B7, C7, C#7, D7
Eb7, E7, F7, F#7
G7, Ab7, A7, Bb7
Hallo Dan

I'm trying to understand Yamaha's transposition rule.
I used style EPBallad.sty, variation Main A (only 1 bar), played on my PSR S550.

Here is the result:

Chord C is simply shifted only to these chords: B, C#, and D


The chord Eb arises as follows:
Tone C from chord C is shifted -2 to Bb
Tone E from chord C is shifted -1 to Eb
Tone G from chord C remains in place

Chords Eb then can be simply shifted to chords E, F, and F#

The chord G arises as follows:
Tone C from chord C is shifted -1 to B
Tone E from chord C is shifted -2 to D
Tone G from chord C remains in place

Chords G then can be simply shifted to chords G#, A, and B

The piano - left hand is in a different track and it is "bass" not "chord",
so it is transposed normally.
I think the problem is that the vArranger is too big project for one person.
It is necessary to understand that the development of such application + support takes a lot of time.
Perhaps Dan finds the right solution to this situation.
I Understand.
If you want to use RealTracks from BIAB, then you can export midi from vArranger
and convert it to the wave for example using CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth
or in any DAW using VSTis.
Then You can mix this audio file with the wav exported from BIAB.
BIAB can export midi file
vArranger can export midi file (Song chords function)

Then these midi files could be mereged for example using Cakewalk.
Final midi file can be replayed using vArranger and recorded as audio.
Hi Dan
Many thanks - it works well.
I use my PC keyboard as a controller:
keys A B C D for switching of Main Variation
keys NumPad 1 2 3 for endings
keys NumPad 4 5 6 for intros
key F for Fill-In

It works perfectly if I don't need these keys for somethings others. (In other runed application)
Could the PC commands be ignored for example when vArranger is not the active application.
This could be optional.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Version 1.19
October 19, 2018, 09:53:23 AM
Hi Dan
Could I have the newest version please?

Thank you.

One Man Band
- has no own synthesizer (sf2, VSTi,...)
- does not support so many style types
- has no so gorgeous design
- has no user forum

+ lower price
+ no HW key, just serial number
+ downloadable demo version
October 08, 2018, 08:10:13 PM
Original styles from Yamaha PSR-S770.
Am I really the only one who wants this feature?

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: "LEFT" voices
October 05, 2018, 01:56:55 PM
Set the volumes for the left voices to 0.
When I load the style, the program automatically assigns voices to all the channels.
If my sound font collection doesn't contains for example the Voice 0-121-16, then it assign automatically default Organ 0-0-16.
It's great - so any style could be played with the sounds I have.
(I don't need to have the 0-121-16 sound.)

What I would like to:
When I click on a channel, I would like to have selected the currently playing voice (0-0-16 in this case).
This should be usefull especially with drum kits.
When I click to drum, I would like to be in drum kit section, etc.
I see now.
Thank you for the explanation.
An asterisk indicates the replaced sounds.
Could it select the used sound in that case?
The RIGHT 1 channel could be automatically selected after changing the style.
Hello Dan.
Could the vArranger show the selected voice after selecting the channel please?
Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't.
VSTSynthFont - Options - Tracks & Channels
Select numbering scheme for midi channels.
NOTE that this is only a visual aspect.
Internally midi channels are always 0..15

0..15    1..16
today I found this sound bank:

Does anyone have any experience with it?
I found this Wersi-Pegasus-Styles converted in to the Yamaha format.
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August 21, 2018, 05:33:05 PM
You can use function "Song Chords".
Here you can prepare whole accompaniment,
all the chords with the style section changes.
(Intro, Fill-Ins, Main variation changes, Ending)
Quote from: anazariz on August 17, 2018, 05:57:54 PM
...which chords to listen to and which ones to ignore...
Perhaps deep learning could help, but that's a higher level.
I apologize for the revival of  a 2 year old post.

Quote from: Dan on August 25, 2016, 09:02:10 AM
I think it is the same on Yamaha kb

Hi Dan
None of the Yamaha keyboard I've ever played do this automatic change of octave.
But this could be easily solved using Right1 - Sound Edit.

What about my 4th item?

Could you show voice list and style list after program start.
Last used style and voice.
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August 07, 2018, 08:40:35 AM
The old version did not contain vArranger Software Synthesizer,
so you can use only midi devices.
Most of the midi devices have very bad latency.
Solution could be for example:
loopMIDI + SAVIHost + MidRadioPlayer VSTi  + ASIO4ALL

But I recomend you to buy the full version.
It is not very cheap, but you will get lifetime upgrades for free.
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August 04, 2018, 04:20:26 PM
Hallo Dan

Coul you send me this version please?

Thank you
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August 02, 2018, 11:10:41 AM
Quote from: olivier71500 on July 28, 2018, 07:59:35 AM
Apres il y a un autre truc qui m'interroge : comment peut on faire pour communiquer avec les francophones & avec les anglophones , germanophones etc ?
Est ce qu'on se permet de dupliquer les posts dans les différents forums ?

Je ne parle pas français.
Mais grâce à Google traducteur, je suis capable de lire ces messages.

Here are Yamaha PSR S650 styles converted (using StyleWorks XT Universal v 4.83) to Ketron SD1 format.
But I not sure if it will be usable. - Perhaps yes after a manual tuning.

However I think using of the vArranger is the best solution for you.
Et voici le logo.
Mon idée - comment ne pas perdre la clé HW.
When Portamento is off and the Mono is on, the new notes could be played normaly. (instead of pitchbending of the first note)
Many voices sound strange when they are repitched.
Quote from: akyelken on January 18, 2018, 06:42:06 AM
VST works independently anyway. is no problem.
I needed it for my SF2 bank. Thanks for your advice!
My post was as an example - how should it sound and work.

BTW. This synth can set pitch bend bidirectionally.
For example Pitch Bend Up 2, Pitch Bend Down 12
The original was AAViolin(Triples)X-layer.sf2
But I rebuilt it.
- export all the samples as wav file
- fix some out of tune bugs (using Pitch Drift Tool in Melodine)
- replace the original samples by the edited one
- finding loops for the samples (Using Awave Studio)
- alaining some velocities using Viena Soundfont Editor
I recorded a simple demo. (Song name: Ohne v udoli)
It's recorded directly using vArranger.
I used my own soundfont collection and the Adrian Iosif's Enhancer DSP Plugin (hosted by winampvst)
Hi Dan,

Could I have the new version please?
I thought that I have the latest version.

Thank you

I'm a teacher on a music school.
I teach in more places - on several types of Yamaha keyboards.
PSR-S650, PSR-S550, PSR-S670.

At home I have MM6.
But thanks to vArranger I'm able to play with the same styles that I have at school,
so I can, for example, find a appropriate style for a song what I will play with my students at school.

The result is not exactly the same, but I hope Dan will still continue with the developement
and onetime the vArranger will be better then these keyboards.
Perhaps it would be enough to write:
Wait, I'm working on it.
Bravo sweetbb!

Your setup seems be a good alternative to this: