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The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
August 30, 2023, 01:14:48 PM
Thanks. With plugin window scaling issues, it's not possible to test. I tried different compatibility settings for DPI, doesn't solve it. It must me internal setting of VA that prevents normal plugin size. It's related to Steinberg plugins (Sonic, Halion GA5) older and very recent.

P.S. VA 1.9xx is displaying everything correctly without special DPI settings.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
August 18, 2023, 11:38:56 PM
Let the countdown begin.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
August 15, 2023, 06:40:08 PM
Maybe a multiple choice would work better?

Long due VST3 support is:

A) Coming in 1-2 month
B) Coming before the end of the year.
C) Maybe in the future with no planned release date.
D) Stop bothering me, why should I care about user frustrations, even when I made certain promises / commitments.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
August 14, 2023, 03:20:48 PM
In March you said: "I am trying to make VST3 loading possible in vArranger soon"

May: "Will give you an answer soon"

When VST3 support is expected?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
August 10, 2023, 02:31:58 PM
Dan.... what is the status?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
August 01, 2023, 05:19:11 PM
15 years since release of VST3
500+ days since discontinuation of VST2 support

Dan, when VST3 support is coming to varranger?
"Bluebeat, yes I was able to load VST3 plugins here ... I will try to complete the efforts so VST3 is integrated in vArranger in an easy way for the user"

Woge, you missed the point.
Susitibi made "all in one" unit. It has almost nothing to do with your setup. It is definitely the best VA unit I have seen for "live" performances.  You are comparing apples to oranges.
P.S. If you   have not noticed, this is an English forum section. By all respects, it meant to post messages in English.


Woge, du hast den Punkt nicht verstanden.
Susitibi hat eine ,,All-in-One"-Einheit hergestellt. Es hat fast nichts mit deinem Setup zu tun. Es ist definitiv das beste VA-Setup, das ich für ,,Live"-Auftritte gesehen habe. Sie vergleichen Äpfel mit Birnen.
P.S. Falls Sie es noch nicht bemerkt haben: Dies ist ein englischsprachiger Forumsbereich. In jeder Hinsicht bedeutete es, Nachrichten auf Englisch zu posten.


It is summer and not many people monitor this forum... and some make strange statements. You made a very nice unit and my sincere hope is that Dan will follow through at least some promises that he made ASAP. With VST3 support your unit can be powered by Halion / Sonic, the best software GM synth that supports program changes. The latest is VST3 only.

Also... I had been asking for octave changes for a long time now. I am glad you see value in that too. I am not 100% sure, but it seems technically, if using a VST3 synth (such as Halion), you could probably program your buttons (Midi learn)to transpose octave on the fly, bypassing Dan's limitation.   
Agaton, please stop this bologna.

VST support is a core feature which Dan failed to address for years when it was known VST2 will be discontinued. VST3 was released in 2008!

What is this?
"and there will be a vA² update with this feature soon"

Where is this coming from? No NEXT update for 2+ years? How long to wait for VST3 support, another 3-5 years??? Don't disinform users on Dan's behalf.


please forgive me. Agaton has tendency to insert his views in hope of smoothing out hard truth that most users are aware of. You have made great effort with hardware and I hope that it will encourage Dan not to abandon development, as this is what it seems is happening.
Seems you put a lot of effort into the unit. I see that it has a "spare" USB port. I wonder if you implemented MIDI IN and OUT from that port? I know it is tricky, but can be very useful.

For a while I was using a Surface tablet with VA. Have you considered building a case around that idea? I tested Surface GO with VA and Halion recently and it worked perfectly. I am sure it will take Kontakt too.

But then this:
"Unfortunately, the software is developing slowly."

Most of us, users were expecting a major promised update couple of years ago which never happened. I think it might be hard to find a buyer that is willing to spend $1000 on the unit + VA software without VST3 support. Major/most brands discontinued releases of VST2.

VA is stable "enough" as a software, but without VST3 support it will become obsolete pretty soon. Dan promised updates... And this is a CORE update. I think you should convince Dan to finish it ASAP. Because your business will likely bring business to Dan. 

I applaud your creativity. I really do. Cool box. Atom or Surface? I am surprised nobody printed one as of yet. However, it seems that hardware is developing much faster than software.

I assume your customers will be aware that no significant updates were done to VA software in 2+ years. A promised NEXT version never materialized and as of now, it doesn't support VST3 Instruments, such as Kontakt , Halion and many others which are sold only as VST3 now.

What is the status of this? Dead?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
July 19, 2023, 07:11:24 PM
Quote from: Dan on May 17, 2023, 08:29:46 PMWow the time goes so fast
Will give you an answer soon

Two months passed, no answer from Dan.

When VST3 can be expected for VA?
Korg has an amazing Triton / Triton Extreme VSTs. I have not tried it with VA, so I don't know if it will have program changes or such, but it has a GM bank and main sounds are identical to hardware Triton. The VST comes with ALL expansions that hardware unit had. It is on sale now at Korg. I believe you can download a demo. I believe it still has VST2, so for now it should work with VA... However, we are yet to hear from Dan on when a VERY long due VST3 support is coming to VA.

Vst3 support is important as newly released Halion / Halion Sonic is only VST3. Halion has many original Yamaha sounds (It is made by Yamaha). New Kontakt is also VST3 only. Waiting for Dan to give a definite answer, or better an actual update without delay for VST3 support.

"1.19.13 is the latest
Another one is coming soon"

I think most of us are waiting for that "soon" for looooong time. 2 years?

VST3 is a must. I can't upgrade most plugins because VA does not support VS3. This is a core item that should have been done years ago to be current, but especially when discontinuation was announced in January 2022(!) I would like to know when we can expect VST3 support.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
June 19, 2023, 11:43:01 AM
Another month past since your last "Will give you an answer soon" reply. When can we expect VST3 support?

The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
May 19, 2023, 09:56:45 PM
Indeed, so hoping the VST3 news comes before I end up in nursing home.

Dan, most synths (including all popular ones) stopped making VST2. But you know this already.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
May 17, 2023, 07:51:04 PM
2 months - no reply... Dan what is ETA for VST3 support?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
April 21, 2023, 12:12:05 PM
Any news?
It confused me, as 9 year old thread was bumped.
Agaton, why are you replying to a 9 (NINE!) year old thread?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
April 06, 2023, 11:27:46 AM
1 month without answer BUMP
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
March 26, 2023, 10:56:47 PM
 Woge1000, what does your message has to do with the issue that vArranger does not support VST3 internally??

The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
March 25, 2023, 07:02:32 PM
"We have a lot less anti virus false positive detection with recent versions, but antivirus are sometimes a bit unpredictable. We can always submit to the antivirus company the file detected as false positive, and they will correct their program"

It was the issue of the past 3 years... Anti-virus deleting VA and the only solution was to white list it.
Also, an observation, VA is the only program that has such issues for me.

"they will correct their program"
They, who? Windows Defender? If I understand hierarchy correctly, you as a developer have to contact them about the issues your customers are facing.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
March 19, 2023, 12:40:48 PM
Dan, are you talking days, weeks, months....or maybe?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
March 13, 2023, 02:16:11 PM
I can't say it is a good news, until it is delivered. I will be the first one to cheer...
I am holding off on some upgrades, because they are VST3 only. What is ETA for VST3?
No, I didn't do a poll, but likely the second part is much larger. Perhaps 1 Ketron user to 50,000 VST3 users in the world :) You are comparing apples to oranges. VST3 is an industry standard, while SD1000 is an outdated hardware unit of mismanaged company.

But I do agree with: "Dan must decide and do his work."
And if Dan promised SD1000 support, he should follow through that as well, absolutely, but not holding hostage core update with miserable excuse... or simply ignoring.

Werner, you realize that most likely ratio is something like:

1 user of SD1000 : 10,000 users of VST3

Also, I hope you realize that promise was made for maintenance of the software for all. VST2 is no longer maintained by most major companies, vArranger has to adopt to one of the most important core feature.

Your wish is more of a voluntary items that relates to user specific hardware, that was never a part of CORE advertised features of vArranger. If what you asked for will be done, great for you. But those FX or whatever else you need, should not be used a as a crappy excuse by Dan not to release vital updates. Right?
"Hopefully Dan can deliver and restore his reputation".

At this point in time, all I want to know if a core feature of supporting VST3 will be done and when?

P.S. Ohh yes, I don't care if FX on 12 year old sound module (SD1000) is implemented or not. That is one s#itty excuse, as it applies to only a few people and their hardware specific issue.

Yes Oliver, there is sync in update. Not sure if it "free" or not, but it was a round for couple of years. Please start a new thread or ask Dan directly. I want to get a clear answer on this, as I am debating on upgrading Halion and I am not interested in workarounds. So I will repeat the concern and a question.

As was mentioned, and I agree with that statement that nothing substantial for "most users" were added since the "Midi Clock Sync In"

Major plugins released as VST3 only at this time.

With failed promises of past years, I lost 99% of hope that vArranger will evolve. And I believe most share my opinion. But I believe maintenance was assumed with purchase.

Support for VST is a core feature of vArranger. In my view, it is expected from you to follow through initial promise.

In my humble view, you had many years (not months) to be prepared for this....

Dan, when can people expect support for VST 3 which came out over a decade ago?
As was mentioned, and I agree with that statement that nothing substantial for "most users" were added since the "Midi Clock Sync In"

Major plugins released as VST3 only at this time.

With failed promises of past years, I lost 99% of hope that vArranger will evolve. And I believe most share my opinion. But I believe maintenance was assumed with purchase.

Support for VST is a core feature of vArranger. In my view, it is expected from you to follow through initial promise.

In my humble view, you had many years (not months) to be prepared for this....

Dan, when can people expect support for VST 3 which came out over a decade ago?

The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
March 06, 2023, 11:17:27 PM
Thread has 1,462 views.

Dan, what are the plans for VST3 support? This is not "upgrade", but a maintenance issue. Discontinuation of support was announced 13 month ago. Where do we, loyal customers stand?

The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: VST3 Plugins
February 28, 2023, 03:18:57 AM
Yes, Dan please inform us what are the plans for VST3 support. I am in Halion / Kontakt boat too.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Tech issue.
November 19, 2022, 02:27:27 AM
It is same email I used when I signed up.. and the one we corresponded earlier. Strange.
Send an email to yourself, maybe that dashboard has issues.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Tech issue.
November 18, 2022, 03:29:13 AM
See pic
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Tech issue.
November 18, 2022, 03:26:50 AM
I sent two...  a few days apart.
Strange. Will send one now through console. with subject "test"
The vArranger² Software Forum / Tech issue.
November 18, 2022, 02:49:48 AM
Hi Dan,
I wrote to "tech support" built in form twice... Are you getting these messages?
Let me know.
No Ketron for me please.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: NEW : VERSION 'NEXT'
September 26, 2021, 12:10:34 AM
Kindly send me updated version.
Thank you.
Yes, indeed interesting  8)

The issue is... it is possible in vArranger, to offset breaks/fills while playing (and basically all hardware arrangers from late 80s and up) but not in Song Chords of VA...
Kindly consider, as this is core issue.
Thank you.
The 3 core issues with vArranger for me is:
1)You can not assign parts like breaks / fills to pre-made arrangement (Song Chords) to a particular beat of the bar. ONLY on first beat, not like you would play live, where you can trigger it at any place. This is a serious downside for me.
2)Drum maps. Drums in MANY cases would sound wrong. If you are using internal VA synth it is nearly impossible to re-map. If you use external drums (VST or hardware) it is possible to remap, but extra work. To fix this is simple. Dan must include 5-6 most popular drum maps, as most drum VSTs do, to see what works better. Otherwise many styles will sound bad (drums / percussion) because of that.
3) No true style mixer. Means you can not combine parts of different styles to make your own. Most (if not all) hardware arrangers have that option.
is it possible to change break / fills start at any beat of the bar in "song chords", as it would be played live?
Dan, it seems....
That you can not "program" a fill on a specific beat in Song Mode, only on first beat of a bar., but of course every physical arranger and your VA can do this when playing live, but not inputted in Song Chords. Is this something you can fix?
I am not talking about a midi file, I would like to stay in VA with "Song Chords", try out different styles, and just export individual midi tracks of those items that I want.
I think it is reasonable. 

What BIAB did was they had a "DAW" mode. It does not act as VST, but it makes BIAB interface smaller, you can have it on "top" of your DAW tracks and just drag tracks to DAW.
I understand it will most likely will never happen with VA but... I think it is a good idea to be export only what is soloed as midi without empty tracks. 
 less clicking around, less messy. Because there are no avid plans to create a proper style mixer,  I do it manually in daw. So 6 tracks pulled from different styles would end up as 65+ in the daw. Cleaner and more logical approach.

I would preffer a VA VST of course, where you can just drag channel to daw track, like most modern software tools do. But I have a feeling VST is not on a horizon.
Dan thanks, but
Mute all but one, or solo one still saves all tracks, muted become blank.
So saving a single mixer channel line ends up a 11 track file.
Ideally (and logically), it should only export whatever is soloed and not exporting blank tracks. Don't you agree?
future feature?
Hi Dan.

When I have my arrangement in Song chords, is it possible to save individual midi track instead of all channels?
Please let me know.

Thank you.
Hi Dan.
Was this update released?
Style re-mixer is probably my #1 request for VA.
The link Dan mentioned... This is outdated, slow, non intuitive software that looks and feels something from 2 decades ago. (I tried it)
Unfortunately there is NOTHING good available to mix / create styles (especially multi format). Maybe Dan should start a "kickstarter" type of project?
I am sure folks at PSR site would be very interested. A standalone or a module to VA?
Here is a sketch for inspiration.
"Doesn't Dan offer license installs tied to a PC?"
Dan do you?

Thank you for suggestions, however these are full size sticks. I still have a couple full size ones from nearly 20 years ago that work fine.
I really want a low profile flash. I am thinking  Kingston DataTraveler Micro 3.1 which comes up to 128GB which is great as I can back up other music related things on it.  Just wondering if the faith of early death related to all low profile flash drives or I just happen to get the "lucky" ones. Anybody with low profile drives, that they used for 2 or more years?
Anybody using small usb drives like Samsung Fit or SanDisk Cruzer fit for Varranger?
My experience is horrible with two above. 2 drives went bad one is giving up (turning on/off by itself, which is a prerequisite for drive end of life) Dan was kind enough to transfer the license. I think I will have to get another flash drive in the next several months to replace dying one. Can anybody can recommend a small form factor drive they personally used for 2+ years being plugged most of the time. I need a small drive to avoid breaking port or drive as I travel / move laptop often.
Any suggestions?
P.S. I wish there was another licensing way, such as computer ID or such.
Let the countdown begin!   :)
Thank you! As a workaround it works (transpose +1 in Varranger). Is it a bug you can fix, or that is something usual in this scenario?
I never used vArranger in such manner. I either exported audio or midi. So please be patient with me.
Thank you.

v.muller, Dan,
Thank you. Partially solved.
It looks like a port in LoopMidi was acting up. I created a new port, seems to work, but not correctly.
BIAB chord sheet plays: E . A.  B. A.
vArranger picks up as: Eb. Ab. Bb. Ab

Any idea what is causing that?

Thank you.
or anybody who knows can you please help me with this one. Using BIAB with newly made Midi Sync In.
Connected by LoopMidi. What settings should be here (see attached) for VA to recognize chords from BIAB chordsheet? I usually either enter chords in VA (or import them) or use a keyboard. Not sure how to do it in this case.
Kindly let me know.
Thank you.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Midi clock Sync In
November 23, 2020, 11:13:18 PM
Congrats and thank you! I played with Midi Sync In with a couple of programs, there are a couple of minor issues/questions that I will leave for another day, but overall goal achieved! It works pretty good. Stop / Start, initial tempo grab,  stays in sync through playing.

I still think a VST would be a better solution and perhaps will bring new customers, but as is, it is a solid workaround!!! (and a big step in the right direction)

The only thing that I want to mention which I think is very important, is to be able to have option of setting Audio Out to NONE if working with VA as a midi module only.  Because even if set with something "unrelated" to main audio soundcard, it will still use internal resources.  Dan, what do you think about that, am I right?

Thank you.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Midi clock Sync In
November 16, 2020, 03:56:27 PM
Dan, this is GREAT news!
Can't wait.
Yes and there some other software too that would allow that. Unfortunately they are all very old and buggy.
It would be great to have ability to mix styles from different keyboards, as OP mentioned," phrases" right in VA.

For now, I hope Dan finishes some promised items with the NEXT version...
I believe Dan was supposed to do MIDI sync....
Which I am waiting patiently for, but have not heard on the progress for long time...
Dan, any news on this?
Not to drive this to negative route, but to defend QY100.
QY100 was way ahead of the game when it came out. It is a very fun little unit. There is a gentleman (in France) who is still active that had many styles converted to that sequencer.

But... The biggest and the most underappreciated difference between VA and QY100 (at least to me) that you can make your styles in matter of minutes from material from any other styles in QY. Even with that ancient  by technology standards machine, that was/is possible.     

I talked about this style assembly feature on this forum, but people seem to have very little enthusiasm... I still think it would be an excellent feature. One simple example would be this: You like style A, but you do not like drums in it, but you do like the drums in style B. In QY 100 that would take less than 1 minute to replace. Yes, sure you can use DAW... and climb mount Everest, but it would make things much more interesting and simpler if done within VA.
Can I get good news on 2020 version, or it is not ready yet?
Ideally it would be a good idea to have a demo... so people can test drive it.

To me, 2 biggest weaknesses are:

1) Lack of style maker > To be able assemble new styles from parts of others. As available with most hardware arrangers.

2) which in my opinion is fairly easy to accomplish are drum maps. For example one style would sound ok, another would have drums totally messed up. Instead  of tweaking SoundFont or VST, which is doable, but really is annoying and time consuming, (especially if you are browsing a large catalog!) to have 3-5 popular drum maps within VA, so it is possible to change drum map on the fly on MIDI level within VA, without pocking at different external places to make drums sound right.


Having said that, VA is probably the best software arranger for wide variety of keyboard styles.
Hi Dan.
I visit the forum every week or so to see if the new version was released.. Are you getting closer?
Thank you.
my USB flash is dying (going on/off) every 40 minutes or so. It is not the port, same thing happened with previous drive... It will probably work for a few more month. The last one started disconnecting about once a day, then more often, and then within 30 seconds after being plugged.  I might have to bother you soon. But before I do... Can you please tell me, can license be attached to external mini USB  SSD (like Samsung T5)? or Flash only?
Thank you.
Midi is only a part of the project with 20+ audio tracks and other synths. Midi tracks are add-ons in my case. So how I do it, is I open Instrument (Halion/Kontakt) on existing project and do "import" midi.... When this is done, all tracks within that midi file are imported. So delete 6 tracks once, it is fine. If I import multiple MIDI files with just single track that has data and others do not, it is a lot of tracks to delete :)

Hey, if it is complicated, I get it. The point of the request is just to make things cleaner / less mousing around.

I am more concerned about my USB flash (license) dying, and it is dying.... It is another topic. 
my DAW is beautiful Cakewalk. She does not make me bend over. She is inviting, and gently whispering in my ear:
-When is VA VST coming, so I can embrace it with all my love?
There was a joke...

Old lady comes to doctor office and says:
-Dear, my back hurts a lot when I walk.
Doctor says:
-Please bend down.
Old lady bends. Doctor says:
-Please walk.
Granny walks. Doctor asks:
-Does it hurt less?
Lady says:
Yes, hurts much less when I walk bent over.
Doctor replies:
-So walk like that. -NEXT! (patient, not the VA version)

my DAW does not do that. I have to import whole file(s) and delete tracks manually. I am not saying it is not possible, I am saying it would be cleaner and save time.

But why have them, if their data is"not" in the file?

Since most likely "style mixer" is not comming in near future, the easiest method I found to "mix" styles or use different parts of them is  by exporting separate "tracks" as midi from VA and gluing them in  DAW. So when I export 10 or so Midi files from VA, I end up with dozens of blank tracks in single project.
It is not a major issue, but would certainly make workflow / export cleaner from VA.

Hi Dan.
A request...
When "saving Midi" from Song Chords, it saves all tracks even if they are muted  or there is nothing there.
Please consider a single track save if track is soloed, without "extras".
Thank you.
If you use Windows, you can try Wasapi driver NON exclusive mode. So you can run two audio outputting programs at same time.  Sometimes driver "mutes" Youtube while doing that, just unmute from youtube screen.
My is: 1.19.04

I was hoping to see the NEXT version in December...  Was it rolled out in the past couple of month?
Hi Dan,
Do you have the NEXT version, or I already have the latest?
Thank you.
First of all, please keep emotions down. We all got plenty of that "goodness" at this time. I am not criticizing Dan.
I am disappointing by poorly made USBs. I am also confident Dan will assist me if drive fails completely.

Having said that... If I am not mistaken Dan uses 3rd party usb key programming.  Perhaps that company offers  option ->hard drive license with current setup? That would be nice. I only expressed my opinion.

On that note, USB form factor is a "going out" technology, will be replaced by C type / Thunderbolt connector soon. Something to think about.
I do not agree.
Waves have it "robust" where you, "The User" can transfer your license from one usb flash drive to another (or PC ID). Without the need of help from customer service support personnel , sending the drive in, or destroying it. I do have flash drives that I bought 15 years ago that still work. Either quality declined or that is a karma of low profile drives plugged for extended time.

There will be ALWAYS some negative reviews percentage of ANY piece of technology :) Right now I have 3rd flash drive that is going bad on me.
NO drive has failed right away. It starts connecting/disconnecting randomly. At first at can be once a week, than once a day...once an hour etc. Formatting, scanning, "repairing" etc., does not help.

I usually try to buy large capacity flash, so I can use it for license + storage.
I wish there was a way to transfer license without contacting owner and destroying the drive.
User license transfer PC ID <-->USB flash  should be very doable.  So even if I buy cheap drives from now, still it would make a lot of sense to be able to attach / transfer license to PC ID or Flash. I think it is a reasonable request.

My guess is that I choose flash drives of small form factor (Samsung fit for example) and probably the heat does not dissipate well like with larger form flash drives. Two separate computer, I highly doubt it is a port in PC.  They work fine for about a year then start to give up. I choose these small factor drives to avoid breaking the USB port as I move laptop often. Does anybody else use these small factor flash drives full time?
Not sure if I am the only one who has these issues?

I had 2 flash drives gone bad on me, the ones with the VA license.... It happens because I leave them plugged in computer, forgetting to pull them out, when not in use. They exhibit same behavior after a while...  Drive appears, then disappears.  Dan was cool and transferred the license to new flashes, BUT that required me  destroying the flash drives. So 2 drives down, third starting to go. There are two main problems:
1) Drive gets destroyed voiding the warranty.
2) It takes special request from Dan, buying another drive, taking video and transferring the license.

I used Sandisk and Samsung drives, which are better ones.

I wish there was a mechanism (like Waves for example), that you can transfer your license either to USB, Computer ID or keep online by yourself, without the need of administrator.  Ideally, I would like the license to be "attached" to computer ID and transferred to USB if needed.

Would like to know if somebody else have these issues.

A fully stripped down version will work. The MGU format that you already have ability to open have been around for years. I am not talking about complex things.  Just number of bars + Chords changes from Song Menu to be saved to same or generic MGU file.

did you even knew before this post, that VA accepts MGU files YES/NO?
Did you even read this post???  If NOT, kindly do not mess up this thread. This question was not addressed to you.

can you please answer if same MGU or generic file can be re-saved in the same manner it is opened?

Thank you.

I tried Midi from VA-> Musescore->MusicMXL
It screws up chords....

Tell me something please. You already deciphered MGU. VA takes it well and  transfers chords correctly from MGU. Why not make it two way, so you can save same MGU file with chord changes made in VA.
I am not even talking about markers or styles, just number of bars and chords from VA->MGU

It seems you already done 95%+  of work on this, just need to be able to save back to original or generic MGU to have it both ways.

Please let me know.
Thank you.
Seems the "most" universal from what I can see

So no saving back imported SGU to VA....
So what to do with that MIDi+XF? Was it made just for hardware keyboards?

What about if original style the midi is made from was not Yamaha, but Ketron or Roland for example?
Will it still write foe xf to it?

I trust that you made this: XF CHORDS FORMAT, so even if I do not have it now, it will be in update.
But please explain if it is possible to use your Midi+XF  feature to convert to MusicXML. Third party app? Converter?  As I understand, MusicXML is universal, meaning if you have particular cords at particular bars, that is exactly how it will be opened in all compatible software (not interpreted!)

What would you recommend to transfer MIDI with XF Chord Format to MusicXML?
BIAB, so as many other programs use MusicXML, but I am completely new at this. Please suggest what I can try.

Thank you.
Dan, sorry I am not too familiar with this...(XF CHORDS FORMAT)
Will it show as a separate midi track in DAW? Like chord track?

Dan, BjayG

First of all, I did not ask for importing (BIAB)SGU chords... It was already done in vArranger some time ago. I was wondering if same SGU could be saved back with chords from "Song Chords".

If this is not possible, how to export these chords (from Song Chords)? I am not an expert, but I believe it is done either from Midi Chord track or MusicXML...

That is why I asked how would Dan handle the task of exporting these chords? Can it be done the right way, not by analyzing and interpreting these chords through a third party software. I am talking about straight forward Export -> Import.

Please let me know.
Hi Dan,
since you already have a way to import SGU from BIAB to vArranger, I would like to request a two way file save.
Meaning... Many times BIAB screws up chords when importing arrangement as MIDI to BIAB. Is it possible to somehow save "song chords"  sheet so that BIAB reads it correctly and places correct chords on correct bars..and possibly a markers where the style parts (Main, fills etc) are changed?  If it is possible , how would you do as it is right now?

Please let me know.

Thank you.
You probably have to set Windows Defender to ignore / permit VA files.
True Style Mixer -  assembly of style from other styles.
vArranger VST to be used in DAW, including synth.
Integration with BIAB SGU or MGU with silence at shots / holds with correct timing.
Several switchable popular drum maps, to correct improperly playing ones.
Song chords enhanced, to allow more chords / shorter bars for fills.

Can mention a few others :)

Dan, watch out! This developer guy is full of adrenaline. For now you have upper hand....
I had a generic, it worked fine :)
lakere, That is interesting find! Thank you!
Should keep Dan motivated to innovate :)

It should be OK. I used Surface with hub.
Was posted on another forum, but I thought it might be useful for some VA users. Tried it for only a day, but seems to work very well. A possible alternative to Bluecat patchwork? In any case, there is a VST and a Standalone version of this. Price is right = Free.
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February 16, 2020, 02:43:22 PM
Almost nobody wanted to listen when I mentioned that it would be a good idea to have a modular approach.
You buy the core VA and it gets maintenance updates / bugs fixed without the need to pay.
The big features, you pay for. Two big items that are completely missing are "Style Maker", to mix and match styles/lines/breaks from existing ones to make new ones and a VST version, that would adhere to tempo map of DAW.

Support for development, ok if you can find some features that are potentially useful to you.  The thing Dan probably does not realize, that unless bold new features are made (VST for example) he will have more or less same user base that supported project for years... And predictably most of these people will not be happy with paid updates. Dan, please consider making big things to preserve the future of VA , that will bring new people to the pool. Besides, BIG items can be sold separately or bundled as a package for a discount.

To "excite" things companies either release a feature packed versions or have reasonable sales.  Arguably, most people who wanted VA, already bought it. So to bring new folks, things have to be re-imagined...
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February 13, 2020, 07:26:20 PM
Hi Dan.
Any news on this new version?
You can get a great Kontakt drums by Senhizer,  name is drummica. Besides all bells and whistles it  has several popular drum maps, one of which usually works very well with styles. Ohh yes, forgot to to mention, it is free.
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December 21, 2019, 03:21:55 AM
Hi Dan.
Is the new version ready? If yes, can you please send it to me.
Thank you.
1) There is almost  always a conflict on channel 9 "percussion" channel. If playing styles on standard GM compatible synth.
I feel this can easily be remapped within vArranger with 1-3 rules that would play correct instrument (percussion) and correct-remapped keys IF the GM or GM2 mode is selected for MIDI out, without manually tweaking things on actual Synth.

2) In song chord sheet, breaks/fills should be available for partial bar beats. Meaning, manually I can start a fill in a middle of the bar, in "Song chords" sheet I can not input the offset break.

I do not think is about 50e. It is more about the message that people want to see some real progress / development for their money :)

I agree with most that lakere said.
To me, a single "feature" that would justify subscription 100% would be a true style mixer, which was available since early arrangers and sequencers over 20+ years ago.
Which allows assembling custom styles from the parts of  (almost*) any other style :)

Some other items that would interest me would be:
Octave changing in individual instruments and whole bars,
Several popular drum maps  that can be changed easily, possibly within re-designed drum mixer  (It is a bit flaky as it is)

There is a lot of room for improvements, but I feel there is a need for a breakthrough features to keep VA healthy and keep users in the loop. I do not mind "subscribing" but I need to know what I am in for :)

I do not sell Halion.
Official Steinberg does. Normal price $350, now $175 until September 5

Je ne vends pas Halion.
Steinberg officiel fait. Prix ​​normal 350 $, maintenant 175 $ jusqu'au 5 septembre
Thought somebody might be interested.
thank you for info.
I thought that it is possible to do via midi messages.
Hi Dan.
Can you answer this for me please. Smaller VST work ok in vArranger, but I found a larger VSTs, such as Kontakt or Halion crash VA often.
The workaround I am using is: opening a standalone version of VST and using loopmidi to connect VA to Standalone VST.  Much more stable....
However one (BIG!) problem that I am having is recalling correct "VST" state of Multibank sounds. Since most of styles need re-voicing, I have to save each of those settings inside VST  and then locate and load them for particular style manually.  The longer I use VA, the more difficult it gets to keep track of all the states as number of styles and "save states" grows.

Is it possible to have this "VST state" to be saved/loaded to the style? So it loads correct multi bank when style is opened through standalone VST such as Halion?
Please let me know.
Thank you.
Ha ha... It is a clone of an idea that a Russian designer, Artemiy Lebedev had about 15+ years ago. Thumb buttons with micro displays...He even had some prototypes made :)

Try Xotopad for Windows I believe it has a demo. You can design layout and specific buttons / sliders  to work with VA.
Ok with ALT-Tab it became clear. Antivirus ate synth. So the error was to install VA synth.
re-installed it, now opens normally.
Thank you for pointing Alt-Tab.

Dan, thank you for reply.
Not sure what you mean by "message bar"
Window key "responds" (brings windows start menu) when vArranger is stuck at "loading" screen. But there are no error messages.
vArranger unlocks and goes to start screen only if "ESC" button is pressed.

To eliminate Midi ports errors, I set Midi input to none and out to basic Microsoft sound. Still gets stuck on "loading" screen.
and again, v1.19 loads fine, but v1.19.02 gets stuck. I can not use v1.19 because if you remember it had issues with saved midi files which you resolved in 1.19.02.

Please let me know.
Thank you.

Hi Dan.

I have issue with starting v19.02.   (So it is clear, there are no issues starting v1.9)
Yes, v19.02 is included in Exemption list in antivirus.

When I start v19.02, it goes to initial (Black "Loading") screen, and then just STOPS.
I found a click esc button and it loads, but can you please tell me how to fix this, so it loads properly.

Thank you!
first, I am sorry for panicking! I thought I had serious deja vu moment. I remember you fixed it and it was working fine. I was migrating to new computer.... and what happened was the last version you sent was eaten by windows defender and I installed prior version, because it was in the same folder, but had "exclusion" for anti-virus.
I re-downloaded last version, everything worked! Now it is syncing and markers more or less are correct.

It would help if you fix the antivirus thing, so Windows does not delete VA install file overnight or if that is not possible, maybe put updated version number, so it is clear which version is installed: 1.9(x) or similar.

Dan, here is example of style (2 files ) and exported MIDI file from latest vArranger you sent me.

Again, this is related to any style exported from vArranger as MIDI. 
To recreate scenario, open BIAB do a "file open" (not import).  Open MIDI file from VA.  Right click on the style window, check "STYLE ENABLE" to enable real tracks. Choose real drums (for example) and try to play the whole thing.

It will not play correctly / in sync. Not this MIDI, not any MIDI exported from VA.  If to follow same process but opening a random MIDI song file found on internet, everything will be in sync.

P.S. Markers are not correct also. BUT, markers is the least important here. Not being in sync is driving me insane....Sure there are workarounds,  but given if I have to make a minor change the process becomes labor intensive and instead of making music, I am solving "ghost" bug.

Please let me know/ help !
Thank you.
Hi Dan.
Still there is an active issue. ALL Midi files saved from vArranger do not sync right to BIAB tracks for some reason. Random files from the internet sync well.
Dan, Midi sync in issue was promised long time ago. Ok, I understand, it might be complicated. But this issue is simple to fix. BIAB is probably the best and the most prominent arranging/composition software. Why not make, so it works with vArranger like it should work with any other midi files?
Again, if I had issues with other, non vArranger midi files in BIAB, I would contact them, but this is clearly vArranger issue.
Also, often, tempo of vArranger exported Midi files are not correct in other software. BIAB, Cakewalk, but that is minor issue compared to MIDI files not syncing right.

You have BIAB, you can try to see exactly what I am talking about.

Please let me know.

Thank you.
Dan, I am not your enemy here.
I want vArranger to succeed.... and I always mention it to people that are interested in music arranging.
Having said that...

There can be many variations what can go wrong with markers (from different styles) and I do respect when you are trying to fix more complex issue, but what I am offering is a more universal approach, that is already in place. Just be able to export Midi without markers. Because if you fix this specific issue (markers), another thing might come up dealing with same problem related to markers, from different angle.

Dan, exactly that!!
If a software can manage events such as markers, but those markers have problems... That program is not responsible for errors created in vArranger.
By reason, it does not have to "correct" mistakes made in other software (vArranger).

If mouth is made for drinking water, does not mean that if you drink water from the river the mouth will filter it and you will not get sick.

I am asking for similar, to have a choice / "sterilize" midi, so it does not have "extra" information and works well regardless of the software it is used in.
Dan,  I believe you should do this,  because the way it is, does not work. It has events that are not supposed to be present in normal MIDI file. I do not see the reason why BIAB people have to find your errors. Does  not work like that in the world.

I do not understand why you are making this hard. All I need is working midi files from Varranger that does not have issues. The only way I see this is by taking away stuff that is not "required" and which creates problems away. A choice.

Some programmers are very engaged in fixing their software bugs/development. Some are only doing this part time, like you. I do not blame you, I just proposing the easiest solution for your situation that would resolve ALL problems, in any software related to the issue until you have time to figure this out.

I did send the file to them before and it was said that incorrect markers are responsible. So you fixed that now, it syncing to real tracks.
I do not understand why it is so hard to make option of exporting MIDI without "extra" stuff.... so it works cleanly on every system?
And for those who want the "markers" you already have that...This is very minor work of excluding a few code lines from export.
Not sure why it is so hard?
Semi-good news...
Dan, there is still an issue, which I believe (90%) is still "marker"related.
File from vArranger syncs ok to real tracks of BIAB...but.. There is some sort of major incompatibility between those marker and how BIAB operates. For example,
1)I was not able to freeze BIAB track(s), it would unfreeze on the next regeneration.
2) I was not able to adjust volumes on BIAB for some tracks, they would slide back to original (wrong) position. I have Halion settings to "forget CC"

I think the only true solution, is an option to save midi file without markers... (check mark?)
It is nice to have markers...but I also believe it is crucial to be able to save a regular midi file also.

Please let me know.
Thank you.
First off all, thank you for trying to fix this!

I was away and did not have much time to test this. I tried couple of things that were done recently(already with chord progressions) and seems they sync fine now with BIAB. In  next couple of weeks I will test this with different styles and chord progressions from scratch and from various synths and will post here good or sad news :)

Please do not forget to include this bug fix in the next update!

Dan, can you please address this. If you can not fix markers, maybe take this feature out for now, until you do fix it? Or maybe have an option to export midi file without "extra" VA content...

These markers as of now mess up synchronization in BIAB.

Kindly let me know.

Thank you.
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April 15, 2019, 09:42:39 PM
Just want to voice my support for French forumers... It is very sad what happened to Notre Dame. Very painful and shocking loss...for most of us.
Hi Dan,
Do you have a time frame to address this?
If it is not on your priority list, maybe you can unroll buggy part exporter for now, until you have a time /inspiration to figure it out?
Thank you.

This was driving me insane. Please fix and let me test. This is my workflow, I really need this fixed.

Thank you.

Dan, can you please look at the midi files?
I believe there is some sort of artifact that is tripping BIAB not to sync from  Midi files exported from VA. Midi files from internet sync fine with BIAB. Please let me know.

Thank you.
I forwarded couple of files to PG tech... But I think I am getting closer to understanding why Midi files from VA do not sync correctly to BIAB. I think it is because of events that are happening before they should. Either Part Marker which is embedded at a wrong time or some Program Change at a wrong time.  Please see attached. Random styles, exported as MIDI. The names of the files are the source. Midi songs from internet, sync correctly to the BIAB, not ones saved in VA...
Please let me know what you think.

Thank you.
Sorry, I followed the link and posted there...
Dan, I believe I answered question clearly.
It is not about "tweaking" particular style(s). It is about extra artificial space  that is put in all MIDI files by vArranger from Chord window.
If you can not make it go away, just say so. Because specifically that is causing the problem when I importing MIDI to other programs.

Thank you.
Yes, I did answer.
And I believe I was as clear as a moon on January sky.
I do not need a specific style "tweak". It is not about specific style, it is about artificial space that is created by VA, on all styles that are saved as MIDI from Chord sheet. The space that should not be there as with most of MIDI songs.

So, to make this easier for you, if you do not want to eliminate unwanted space, just say so, because that is what is causing the problem for me.

Thank you.
"Some songs don't start at downbeat..."
Some do not, but majority do. Pick a few random midi songs from internet and see how they start :)
But even what you mentioned, which I agree,  song should start when it should start, not at random time which is not dictated by the song or the style, but the artificial space you created in the front of saved midi song.

Dan, if you can not make it work as it should (correctly)., you can say so...It is extra work for me of course (on all MIDI saved files from VA!), but I will not scream or cry. I do not believe I am asking for "extra" features, I am asking to fix something that is not working correctly.

Thank you.
It should, but it does not.
My problem is not "style tweaking". My problem is Midi file should be Midi file. As a song (almost any song) it should start from note one.  Essentially, styles are styles and songs are songs. Songs should start from first note. If somebody is using your "extension" that is embedded, it is perfectly fine with me, but why not make option that saves Midi song correctly, as it should be?
That is what I am asking for.

Thank you.
Midi file in attachment. Yes, imported at 0. Most midi files start on first note. Why tweak or "fix" styles, if you can make "Midi save" from first note, as it should be. And if anybody wants "extra" space, they can make one as long or as short as they need to be, why have vArranger dictate this? Please let me know.
Thank you.
Lylo, saving/re-"saving as" in RealBand does not solve the issue.

Dane, please see image. Midi was saved at 115 in vArranger. Marked in red... Program change marker that is way before first note, and tracks start not on even bars. I think two of these issues are not making it right for BIAB. Theses are "extra" stuff that is not usually found in regular Midi files. Is it possible to have a choice to save chord-sheet as regular midi not with extra unwanted markers or wrong position? From note 1 as it supposed to be?

that was not the answer I was hoping for.
I think that is happening because:

A) Most of midi files start when they should, from the first note, not leaving couple of bars before.
On that subject, I also believe there is a marker for program change, which comes way ahead of first note and BIAB takes that event as a first note, and because it is far apart from first note it is not syncing correctly.

B)Part "markers" are not present is most of midi files.

I am not asking to do extra features, I am asking to be able to not use features that causing problems. BIAB is not designed for importing "extra" third party information, but it is designed to work with standard MIDI files.  I do not have problems with BIAB when I import any random MIDI files from internet, only ones from vArranger. I need to be able to export regular MIDI file, without extra information and from the first bar, as majority of MIDI files are..

Can you please help?

Thank you.

Hi Dan.
When I import MIDI file from vArranger to BIAB, it has markers. For some strange reason, these markers override part markers that I type in BIAB, causing unwanted results. Also, because MIDI file does not start from the first note (as most MIDI files) it causes BIAB not to sync correctly with their tracks. How can I get a regular MIDI file from vArranger, without extra bars (so it starts on first note) and without extra information such as part markers, that are causing errors.

Please let me know. Thanks.
Dan, NC chord would still have instruments playing.
I wanted to ask for this "silence" feature for long time. Since it came up, I will voice my request.
What would help even more, is to be able to control the "lenght" of the bar. For example break is 4 beats(or full measure) so it would be possible to reduce or prolong the "silence" to desired ammount 1,2,3,4,5 beats...
This can be useful
A) if you plan costum break/rest
B)If you want to "extract" short fill out from existing parts of the style.
Donny, yes it is possible. I have 4k monitor and I had to manually set custom  resolution for couple of older programs. Sorry, I do not remember exact process. I do not want to mislead you in process, but it does work.
I am sure you will find it if you search for it. It is a general knowledge.

If I remember correctly... Before Windows update some month ago, it was done with registry. Now, you just have to play around with Windows display settings  in terms of percentage, not resolution and when you right click on VA icon in compatibility settings. Some combination of settings should do it.
Donny, yes thats what is called a "custom resolution"
Now you have to assign it to particular program (Va),only,  so you do not have 1998 resolution on your 2018 machine full time  :)
Donny, I still believe it is custom scaling issues. You have to try to fool around with it. System AND specific program., Unless Dan wants to jump in and offer solid solution.
Donny, I had similar issues with high resolution and VA. See attached image. That what resolved my issue. Please let me know if it helped.
Dan, thank you for the reply!
Just think of all the benefits for users and you. The next time somebody will have a problem with drums, they can just re-map to whatever they want  instead of bugging you with particular style or particular setup. Hope you will give this serious consideration. Thank you.
Dan, since you answered previous post, can you please find a minute and reply to this one?
Thank you.
Agaton, I promised Dan that I would behave. I have no desire to engage in polemics with you.
kindly reply.
Last time, when we talked about MIDI "sync in" features, Agaton came up with false assessment insulting my findings and my hardware, knowing nothing of the problem or workflow. Thread got hundreds of views and he stopped posting bogus statements only after you clarified that VA is not to sync with clock. I promised to behave, that is why I am asking you kindly to intervene and clarify if what I & Lylo proposed is possible to include in update, so thread I started would not be polluted with baseless statements.

Thank you.

yes, there are ways. Many "other" ways like more software on the chain, tweaking module individual notes and a dozen other things. But my belief is that if vArranger positions itself as multi format style player.... If style does not play correctly, At least it should be possible to move note(s) so they play correctly from vArranger, not at destination or something between vArranger and destination.

I believe what I am requesting is fairly simple and would benefit most people that have issues with drum maps. If you do not care about it, why respond?

Agaton,  this is simple programming.  Maybe not for beginner, but very intermediate.
It is question if Dan is willing to go a step forward, helping loyal customers or not.

This sentence tells me that you did not understand the request:
"This remaping of Midi Notes for all Modules
or Software Drum Instruments will be very, very big job and it will be very hard !!!"

I request to MANUALLY  be able to change note(s). NOT universal for "all Modules", as you said. You change notes for your module - I change notes for my module. Makes sense?

Agaton,  I do not believe you understood what this post is asking for.
It is asking for Manual remap and save of drums in Varranger. Has absolutely nothing to do with sysex etc.

What I proposed is open "Drum mixer" in VA and change the notes(s)  that play "wrong" to correct or ones you want for it (varranger) to output. And save changes with style.

Dan, please comment.  To my understanding, this is much easier solution that would work for everybody who is using vArranger and have wrong notes on the drums playing for ANY style, regardless of the module they use.

Dan,  if maps are complex, perhaps manual note shift/change in drum mixer?
should not be hard at all and you already have "drum mixer" At least this way it would be possible to adjust particular style drums to ANY module, software or hardware.

What do you think?
In many cases I do get exactly what you described above, that is why I am proposing choice of several maps.
And possibly in your drum mixer a choice of reassigning / moving any "particular" note playing to any "other" note manually, to get things close to original style or to liking.
Dan, sure it does. But given all the work you have done, I think it is possible to do a few other "scenarios" that can be pushed manually to try to find "best" alternative for drums if style has incorrect drums notes playing.  You know, like radio....You turn one direction or other trying to find the best signal :)
I think that rather than hunting for particular styles  that might or might not have errors it is better to have maps, that would send "re-mapped" drums to destination.
When I use Sennheiser Drummica VST for drums in VA, it has several popular maps. In most cases one would work with almost any style. I think if vArranger is positioned as multi style arranger, that is the only true solution to the problem.

Instruments can be re-voiced. Drums are major pain.

Dan, I do not believe this is algorithm. You can "push" maps "blindly" meaning, if it works, it works, if it does not, try another one. Like Drummica. It can be a part of the "drum mixer"... Which can output these re-mapped drums to either software (v-synth or other) or hardware module. I think this can be a very elegant solution.