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I created my own controller for vArranger. It is based on Arduino Leonardo. This version of Arduino can read and send midi messages via USB port.
Buttons are connected in a form of 4x4 matrix.
These buttons send midi values:

Note on: 90 xx 7F
Note off: 80 xx 00

Intro 1: 24
Intro 2: 25
Intro 3: 26
--- : 27 (not used)
Main A: 28
Main B: 29
Main C: 2A
Main D: 2B
Ending 1: 2C
Ending 2: 2D
Ending 3: 2E
--- : 2F (not used)
Start/Stop: 30
--- : 31 (not used)
--- : 32 (not used)
6.5 jack: 33 (jack on back side of the controller - for foot switch)

Each button has its own backlight. (LED diodes)
These are connected in a form of 2x8 matrix via MAX 7219
and they light up according to incoming midi messages.
Midi codes of buttons correspond to midi codes of LED diodes.

Used buttons:
Hello Dan
Could you add function "send user definable SysEx message", please?

This could be usefull for example when I want to turn off the internal sound of my keyboard.

I found this:

So I created these SysEx files and I send this messages to the keyboard using Bome SendSX program
and it worked, but it could be more comfortable do it directly using vArranger.

B0 7A 00
B1 7A 00
B2 7A 00
B3 7A 00
B4 7A 00
B5 7A 00
B6 7A 00
B7 7A 00
B8 7A 00
B9 7A 00
BA 7A 00
BB 7A 00
BC 7A 00
BD 7A 00
BE 7A 00
BF 7A 00

B0 7A 7F
B1 7A 7F
B2 7A 7F
B3 7A 7F
B4 7A 7F
B5 7A 7F
B6 7A 7F
B7 7A 7F
B8 7A 7F
B9 7A 7F
BA 7A 7F
BB 7A 7F
BC 7A 7F
BD 7A 7F
BE 7A 7F
BF 7A 7F
Scores / A tip for a suitable style.
January 19, 2021, 07:54:34 AM
I am looking for a suitable style to this song.

Does anyone have a suitable tip?
The vArranger² Software Forum / Sort styles by tempo
December 06, 2020, 09:22:49 PM
Hi Dan,

I thought it would be handy to be able to choose
how the styles will be sorted in the list.
For example "Sort styles by default tempo"
could be very useful.
I found this interesting function in Genos: Dynamics Control

This determines how the Style playback volume changes depending on the playing strength.
• Off: The volume is kept the same regardless of playing strength.
• Narrow: The volume changes over a narrow range.
• Medium: The volume changes over a medium range.
• Wide: The volume changes over a wide range.
I exported all the Casio CTK-731 built-in styles (*.cpt).
Do somebody know if this can be converted for example to the yamaha format?

This utility contains convertor, that can convert cpt to the ckf.

Ckf styles can be played using this program:

This program converts the Yamaha STY files to CKF, but I look for opposite conversion.
I have activated Synchoro Start function.
When I am in the Song Chord window, I can start the sequence by pressing the chord on my keyboard.
The detected chord is automatically inserted to the Song Chords table, but not at the current played position, but into the selected beat.

Could the chords be automatically inserted to the closest beat to the currently played?
This could speedup the chord inserting.
I use my PC keyboard as a controller:
keys A B C D for switching of Main Variation
keys NumPad 1 2 3 for endings
keys NumPad 4 5 6 for intros
key F for Fill-In

It works perfectly if I don't need these keys for somethings others. (In other runed application)
Could the PC commands be ignored for example when vArranger is not the active application.
This could be optional.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Version 1.19
October 19, 2018, 09:53:23 AM
Hi Dan
Could I have the newest version please?

Thank you.

October 08, 2018, 08:10:13 PM
Original styles from Yamaha PSR-S770.
Hello Dan.
Could the vArranger show the selected voice after selecting the channel please?
Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't.
today I found this sound bank:

Does anyone have any experience with it?
I found this Wersi-Pegasus-Styles converted in to the Yamaha format.
Few weeks ago I found interesting Winamp DSP plugin Enhancer.
Here is the original plugin site:

And here are some comments to this plugin.

I started thinking about whether there is a way how to use it as vst effect in vArranger.

I tried to contact Adrian Iosif -  the author of this plugin, but without a success.

Then I found interesting program: Winamp DSP effects hoster for VST hosts:,55441.0.html

Unfortunately it can't work with the Enhancer.
So I contacted the author of the Winamp DSP effects hoster.

He tried to find the solution.
Here is the newer version of his hoster (with the source code):

But it is still not working.

Dan, (or anyone others) could you look at the source code please?
Maybe you could find a solution.
The vArranger² Software Forum / MONO - POLY switch
October 06, 2017, 04:28:15 PM
Dan, could you add the MONO button to the vArranger please?

MONO (From Yamaha PSR-S950 Owner's Manual)
When this button is on, the part's Voice is played monophonically (only one note at a time).
Using the MONO mode lets you play single, lead sounds (such as brass instruments) more realistically.
It also lets you expressively control the Portamento effect (depending on the selected Voice) by playing legato.
When this button is off, the part's Voice played polyphonically.

Example of using the monophonic sound:
Hi Dan

Could you add support for the Band-in-a-Box styles please?

The same styles uses Microsoft's automatic voice acompaniment software Songsmith.

These styles are convertable to keyboard style format using Styles-to-the-Box
Yamaha Styles / YAMAHA PSR-S670 styles
October 04, 2016, 07:02:35 PM
Original styles from Yamaha PSR-S670.
Hallo Dan,
vArranger is great tool, but there are some things I would like to be improved.

1) Key down only chord detection
I noticed that real Yamaha keyboards analyse chords after key is pressed.
If you only release a key - it has not effect to actually played chord.

For example:
I press keys C,E,G  - chord C start playing
I release keys C and G and leave key E - the chord C is not changed
I tried it on vArranger - the last step will change the chord to E

Could you add this as optional value?
"Key down only chord detection" for example checkbox in the OPTIONS - Behavior window.

2) Harmony function
Current harmony is not much applicable for me.
I am used to harmony function in Yamaha keyboards.
This is depended only on the melody and chord, not on the key.
Nevertheless this sounds good.
I made a Yamaha standard duet table for you.
Could you add this to the vArranger please?,2550.0.html

3) Inversions of diminished triad chords
When I press keys C D# A
on Yamaha keyboard it is detected as Adim
on vArranger it is detected as Cdim7

When I press keys C F# A
on Yamaha keyboard it is detected as F#dim
on vArranger it is detected as Cdim7

And similarly:
When I press keys C F# A C
on Yamaha keyboard it is detected as F#dim/C
on vArranger it is detected as Cdim7

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards
Vaclav Muller
I created the table of Yamaha's standard duet harmony. (2nd voice)
For all chord types by vArranger's Song chord (except C11)

Last line is the chord F#/C (named as C* by my PSR-S550)

It could be nice to have this function in the vArranger.
The vArranger² Software Forum / VST convolution reverb
November 27, 2015, 10:36:00 PM
Right now I'm trying the LiquidSonics' Reverberate LE.
It's free and it loads impulse response files.
So I am able to play in various virtual spaces.

Here is the link:
I noticed that real Yamaha keyboards analyse chords after key is pressed.
If you only release a key - it has not effect to actually played chord.

For example:
I press keys C,E,G  - chord C start playing
I release keys C and G and leave key E - the chord C is not changed
I tried it on vArranger - the last step will change the chord to E

How could be this feature usable:
When I want to play chords G (DGB) and Em (EGB), I must to release all keys.
On Yamaha's kb. I can leave down the key B and and the new chord is detected only after I press keys E and G.

This setting could be optional.
One of the good reason for this should be the functional compatibility with standard keyboard arrangers.
The actual version of VirtualMIDISynth (v.1.15.0) now support .SFZ soundfonts.

Maybe this format could be more user friendly.
Could it be supported by vArranger, too?
Scores / ScoreCloud
August 14, 2015, 09:36:08 PM
Anyone have experience with this program?
It seems to be ideal for quickly creating note scores.
I use Yamaha MM6 as my input keyboard with vArranger.
So I have 2 options how to produce sounds:
1) to use vArrangers synth or any other sound from PC (VSTi)
2) to use the sounds of the keyboard (keyboard in PC mode)

I would like to ask:
If I use sf2, then I can use "INS & SF2" button to chose a sound for selected track.
But how to do it if I use my keyboard (XG compatible)
The "Select sound" table is clean, and I can select only sounds from the bank 0,
so I can't change for example drum kits.

Other question:
When I press key for example "A4" I hear "A3"
So I must use octave +1 in the vArranger.
Then it plays correctly.
But everytime I start the program, the octave is reset to 0.
When I press Play song button in the "Song chords" window I can use my keyboard for changing of the chord symbol.
I would like to use it for real-time chord input, but it changes still the same (selected) beat.
Could it change the currently played (pink square) beat?
The program remembers the last selected style and voice from last session - it's great feature.
But the  list of styles and list of voices are hidden after the program start.
Could be these lists visible automaticaly?
I would like to have allways the fresh version of vArranger.
Could you send me (and to other customers who wants it so)
the download links to newest version automatically please?
Sometimes I write music melody with chord symbols using software Sibelius.
This program can play the melody only. (Not the accompaniment.)
(This is for me the most missing feature of this program.)

Is there any option how to import song chords from Sibelius into the vArranger?
Sibelius can export music sheet in xml format.