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4. ALL arrangers are changes the style or variation at the end of the bar. This sound a lot better than changing abruptly when you select the new style

why don,t u make it as an option??

The vArranger² Software Forum / i,m new member so a have many questions.
« on: September 19, 2018, 02:18:21 PM »
1- is there 2 versions of varranger ??
i realized that in these two videos
so what is the difference ?

2-are both of them load sf2 direct without needs to another program?

3- i realized that downloading ins files if for registered users only.
 but i attached 2 ins files for Yamaha PSR-1000 and Yamaha PSR-A1000 (the Arabic version)

4-i tried varranger2 on my friend, computer  but i realized the changing the style or the style
variations never happen before the end of the bar , most of arranger organs do that immediately 
it considers as one of the disadvantages for the users of the life arrangers.

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