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Thanks for the quick reply.

Do your freeplay styles act exactly the same as say Yamahas Ethereal Movie or Ethereal Hymn ie. Absolutely no hint of a rhythm ?

I ask because I bought a Roland BK-7M on the basis that it could be used in the way I required only to be very disappointed with the product


A couple of quick questions however from your website I now believe 1. is a yes

1. Does vArranger support single finder chords (SFC)? and if so:
2. Could I use it to connect via midi to an Allen three manual organ and have it generate chords based on the same SFC fingering as my Tyros?
Note, I do not want styles necessarily or if I did it would be Yamaha Freeplay styles. So think Tyros in SFC mode but the style Stop button pressed and a voice on the left hand as well as the underlying chord from the style. Thanks in advance for responding.

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