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Meinst du die Sf2 von Norbert? Ich probiere sie gerade aus. Besser als nichts für die Wersi-Klänge, aber für meine Ohren klingt Wer-Sinus viel besser - lebendiger und "organischer". Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass es nicht auf Samples basiert, sondern eine virtuelle Emulation ist. Das einzige Problem mit dem Plugin ist, dass das VST3-Plugin auf keine CC-Nachrichten reagiert. Das 32-Bit-Plugin funktioniert gut, aber man kann es nicht nativ in den heutigen 64-Bit-VST-Hosts abspielen. Also habe ich Hans geschrieben und ihn ermutigt, es zu aktualisieren. Sein VST-Instrument ist wirklich einzigartig und es braucht mehr Anerkennung und Aufmerksamkeit. Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist durch den MS AI-Motor.
I was going buy the Blackbox by Deebach, but I found this disturbing post about the module.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Payment method
October 11, 2022, 07:47:41 AM
I am getting ahead of myself here.   I think I always used Paypal for my purchases here.  I closed my Paypal account today.   I hope I can use my credit card or use other services to make the payment for future upgrades, soundbanks, or whatever. 
The vArranger² Software Forum / Gold MIDI SF2
May 29, 2022, 07:08:10 PM
Has anyone tried soundfonts by Gold MIDI?    ttps://
The vArranger² Software Forum / CME-Pro WIDI UHost
April 13, 2021, 09:11:28 AM
The upcoming Bluetooth MIDI device by CME-Pro  You can sign up for a 50% discount.
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: vArranger2 v1.17.90
September 13, 2020, 07:51:41 PM
Just incredible that all these people who have not purchased vArranger have the nurve to ask for the latest update on a public forum!   
The troll was never interested in buying vArranger in the first place.   It was his deceptive efforts to get Dan to supply him a "demo" version. 
Good news on the 2020 version.  I look forward to it. I'm sure many users of the pirate version can't stand it anymore and just go ahead but the version from Dan.   
I run Pi-hole in my Pi 4B.  I thought about adding an audio/midi board to it, but I thought it would waste of my time and money.  Unless your 24 hours a day are worth less than $10, it's not worth it; your time or your effort.   As Dan Carlos mentioned, I would look for a mini PC or a hybrid.   
Does the Balckbox recognize pitch bend?   According to a pre-release manual, it does not.   
I wonder how this would compare with other modules such as the Ketron SD1000 or modules by V3 Sound. 
JJazzLab 2.0 - free app- make your own backing tracks
It's good to see that Dan keeps improving vArranger.   I have no problem paying for some new core features.   Are these upgrades only for those who subscribe?
Nothing is worse than "silent treatment" in communication.   Thanks to good suggestions and feature requests from users like and Bluebeat, vArranger can get better and better and possibly lure more new users.   

Dan, these are your loyal customers and supporters.  It would be only good and right for you to give some response and better yet start working on the features.

BjayG, I don't know if this is going to happen, but Dan sometimes responds on Facebook.   

Quote from: bluebeat on December 07, 2018, 03:27:50 AM
BIAB has released new version, which is 64 bit! and they made a VST also. Major breakthrough for them! Also, they have sale period, which ends on Dec 31. They only do these "sales" once a year. If you can pick up a valid new licence of 2018 version at a cheaper cost from third party, they will upgrade to 2019 at no cost.

Finally my "dream" composition bundle of Varranger+BIAB  is coming to life! One of the final pieces to the puzzle is for Dan to complete clock Sync In option. That way files from BIAB will sync properly to files from vArranger in DAW.    Varranger and BIAB are like yin and yang. Two very special and very diverse programs for arranging and composition. One can not substitute the other. Together, they can make magic.

P.S. Maybe one day Dan decides to make a VST also. I think, if it happens, it will be very fair if he markets it separately. One price to new users and for discounted price for loyal customers, to keep project fueled.
I have BIAB 2017.  This year, BIAB as a plug-in did it for me.  I jumped on it.   I agree with Bluebeat that if Dan makes  vArranger available as a plug-in along with clock Sync In, it should be a separate paid upgrade for those who already own vArranger.  I always say with some major features, even those who have been using a pirated version of vArranger won't "stand" it anymore and finally decide to pay for a full legal version and get free minor upgrades.   

Come on, Dan, expand your market by adding these features.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Version 1.19
October 20, 2018, 04:16:31 AM
Wow, 1.19.  It may include some significant features.  I look forward to it.  Yes, I'd like to know about the new features.   

Dan, can you give us the options to change octaves? 
Hopefully those who use illegal versions get "hooked" on vArranger and buy the newer version with all the new features so that Dan would be encouraged to offer even more features.   Everybody wins. 
Yea, Dan. Some major updates to bring in more new users and to get casual users like me to be enthusiastic users
Thank you, Bluebeat, for your cooperation with VSTSynth to develop a very useful plugin that enhance user's experience with vArrnager.

Does anyone have a Ketron SD4 INS File?

Thanks for the test.   How do you think the three models compare with one another yourself?   I have an SD40 and SD4.   
The owner of Synthfont replied to my email inquiry with very detailed information.   It seems that the new version he is working on at the request of Bluebeat is going to enhance vArranger both for recording and even for live performance.  I went ahead and purchased a license.  Only 15 Euros but you get two products plus the new version he is working on currently.   I believe many users of vArranger will benefit from Bluebeat's quest for some needed features.
Quote from: bluebeat on July 04, 2018, 04:25:01 PM

synthfont VST is for a bit different purpose. My hope is that synthfont would be able to play midi files saved in varranger in other places like DAWS for recording and complex editing using SF2 Banks. Most of samplers available either old crap that nobody updated for many years or they have limitations such as not being able to load large SF2 banks or multi file banks, do not respond to program changes etc.  Synthfont VST is the most perspective one in my opinion to do all those things. And most importantly developer is a nice guy, who cares.

It sure can have some very nice features to be used in Varranger. Such as use it as VST with a different set of SF2 files other than one in "Samples" folder to layer some sounds or substitute some sounds that are not in the bank without doing editing to main bank etc.
Thanks, Bluebeat.  I just wrote to the owner of Synthfont myself about the new version he's working on.   
Quote from: bluebeat on July 03, 2018, 09:51:53 AM
I wish he would have a solution to bring VA (synth) to other software to use it as sound module, but as of yet, after years this has not happened.
That's exactly why I decided not to invest in the VA Synth.  I also wanted to use is as a module outside vArranger. 
Deane, would you mind sharing the issue you had with your vArranger setup  and what it was that Dan did to fix the problem?   Other users and future buyers can benefit from such information. 

I really like the idea of going all software as vArranger itself is software.  I've got lots of VST instruments and it would be really great to see this feature implemented. 

Quote from: bluebeat on April 26, 2018, 11:17:10 PM
This topic is:
  Save ALL option for all song related features.
Hoping Dan will implement this relation of VST and styles with manual load mode or similar soon.
Though I am not much of an "arranger" player, I do have some arranger keyboards and a Desktop by V3 Sound.  I bought the Desktop for its unique, good sounds.    My arranger keyboards can't easily air travel with me, but vArranger can.   You can't really beat versatility, portability, and the abilities of vArranger to handle various style formats.    Actually I bought vArranger as a patch manager, but it does a lot more than it.   It's good to know that I've got the most versatile arranger sitting in my hybrid touch screen laptop.   
I am willing to pitch in with the cost.   It would be great if Dan first responds and letd users know where he is at with this feature.   
Please include me in the discussion, too.   I really want to see this feature implemented.   
I am going all software myself.  Since vArranger is a software arranger, using HQ VST plugins makes a lot of sense.  I hope Dan would implement the All Save features that Bluebeat is talking about.   It will make vArranger even more powerful than it already is.   
Yes, I'd love see this feature in vArranger asap.   It will only make vArranger more powerful!   Computers are more powerful and cheaper than ever before.    This is a good move for vArrnager.   

Thanks for the helpful info.

Quote from: haweneu on February 08, 2018, 12:56:08 PM
for sound quality  compare i use the same song (style) with SD1000 and V3Sonority and then compare it. I made this with approx. 40 of my favorite styles.

Most songs sound for me with both good!

Sonority has much more sounds that SD1000 not has! Classic orchestra! And the additional 100 accordions, 100 organs, celtic sound and new ,,traditional alpine" sounds! So you are more flexible than with SD1000.

But for example SD1000 has much better Sax Sounds!

Best regards
I must say thank you to Bluebeat for asking Dan about this feature and also to Dan for his willingness to implement it.    I will be going all software; vArranger/built-ins sounds & VSTs.    I am very excited about it.    Using VSTs makes lots of sense as PC gets more powerful and cheaper.   This is going to make vArranger more versatile and powerful than it already is!!! 
How do you compare the V3 Sonority with the SD1000 in terms of sound quality?


Quote from: haweneu on February 07, 2018, 07:48:24 PM
my newest information from V3Sound about VA2 and V3 Sonority is, that Dan has no time to full integrate Sonority into VA2. And V3Sound cannot use same samples as SD1000.

So in the moment we can only use INS Files and adapt each song to Sonority.
I use for example the SD1000 and V3Sonority together. Some songs i play only with V3Sonority and other with SD1000 only ore mixed with both.

Best regards
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Win 10 tablet
January 22, 2018, 05:37:33 AM
Quote from: bluebeat on January 20, 2018, 08:32:49 PM
I change my verdict:)

I think one of the best mobile solutions for VA is Lenovo thinkpad Yoga 12 (S1).
My friend had it, I tried it with Varranger and decided to switch from Surface tablet.
You can get a used Yoga i5 / 8gb for about $325 or i7 for $390

Positive points over many Win tablets:

1)almost full featured laptop (keyboard /trackpad)
2)Converts into nice 12.5 screen tablet
3)Anti glare touch screen!!! (I hate extra glossy screens)
4) 2 full size USB ports.
5) Keyboard can be used as a stand (designed such way)
6) Included stylus.
7)Serviceable. you can NOT change Ram, but you can replace Screen, battery, hard drive, wireless card. Thinkpads are popular, so the parts are abundant.

I am very happy that I switched. In attachment couple of photos.
Just a little over $300 for the hardware with touch screen and vArragner the most flexible arranger out there.  Sounds like a winning combination.   
Quote from: bluebeat on January 15, 2018, 10:38:10 PM
I do not believe average user of VA uses more than 2-3 VST at a time...
Dans VST save/load work ok on states such as Kontakt or Sampletank, I am just proposing having an "optional" checkmark on "save song" to batch process VST when opening song...
If you do not save it with song / it would not load...
I believe it is logical and should not be hard to do as most scripts are already written. See attached.
Quote from: bluebeat on January 15, 2018, 10:38:10 PM
I do not believe average user of VA uses more than 2-3 VST at a time...
Dans VST save/load work ok on states such as Kontakt or Sampletank, I am just proposing having an "optional" checkmark on "save song" to batch process VST when opening song...
If you do not save it with song / it would not load...
I believe it is logical and should not be hard to do as most scripts are already written. See attached.
It would be great if Dan makes a comment on this, or even better if he would implement the feature. 
Yes, that's true, but I'll say the full version of Kontakt or NI Komplete is worth it.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Win 10 tablet
January 09, 2018, 07:38:43 AM
I have a Surface Pro.  It runs extremely smooth.    In fact, I use it as my desktop PC connected to a 28 inch monitor.  I have always two Korg Micro Keys connected to it besides tons of external hardware and a USB MIDI foot switch for sustain or whatever cc messages I assign to it.    Having said that,   Hayseed seems to be looking for a very inexpensive tablet because he uses the SD1000.   It is so nice that vArranger allows users to have so many various options.    I have noticed that the last few versions of vArranger sound better than before.     Maybe Dan updated the sounds and didn't tell us about it.   Anyway, if a person might use once in a while the built-sounds and a VST plugin or two for a solo instrument, he might want to spend a little more for room to grow.   Music or not, I will stay away the Atom chips unless they got a lot more powerful theses days. 

I had been waiting for Ketron to iron out the bugs on the SD40, but decided to give up on it.   Ketron moves too slow even if they do anything.    I am going to stick with vArranger.   I just love the fact vArranger can play a number of different formats.   Now, I am going to order a V3 Sound Sonority.   It would be great if we can have vArranger support the nice sounding module.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Report 1.18.02
December 30, 2017, 11:19:41 AM
I, too, think that it will be a very useful feature.   
I got my USB HOST MIDI ROUTER - UHMR the other day. For someone who needs a USB midi host, this seems to be the best. The Kenton doesn't support a USB hub. I couldn't get a clear answer from Cerebel USB MIDI Host. The Cerebel supports only two USB midi devices for sure, I was told.

Anyway, this the UHMR works great. It supports 8 USB midi devices. You can program on the unit itself, or it comes with configuration software. This is a small company in Spain that makes good products.

I have an iConnectivity Audio4+ that has a USB midi host, but it doesn't work too well with my Korg Microkey 61 with a built-in hub, and the Audio4+ is big and requires an AC power source whereas the UHMR is small and thus taking up very little room, and I can power it from a USB battery pack.
Interesting.   They have info on the module only in German now.   I have some of their products.  Excellent sounds.   Keep us posted and let us know how it works with vArranger. 
I tried out the Yamaha UD-BT01 with my Windows 10 machines.    No Windows driver for the UD-BT01.  I used the two bridge apps Dan mentioned.   Too much latency as before when I had tested at different times.   Then I paired the UD-BT01 directly with the built in Bluetooh of my Windows machines, which was picked up by Sonar in the new Windows MIDI protocol.  The latency was as bad. 

So far, only the Korg BLE devices/keyboard controllers with its own Windows driver worked the best.   Or any BLE transmitter paired with the WIDI Bud worked very well with no discernible latency. 
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: New SD7 styles format
September 20, 2017, 11:04:36 PM
Well, if Dan maps out the sounds for the SD40 and you want to play styles besides Ketron, I would think that you can use it as a module.  I wonder if you can use the built-in vocalizer at the same time. 
In October a Bluetooth version of the Pok Foot-switch by X-Tempo will be released.   Someone in Europe mentioned about the Pok last year on this forum.  I got one myself.  The Pok is the best thing that happened to vArranger and many other apps I have in hybrid notetook.  Thanks to vArranger' support for many types of controllers, I can change so many different sounds and control a number of functions with the Pok.   

Now I got the Blueooth version. It works great.  I like the fact that I don't have to use a little USB receiver anymore.   
I am waiting for my Yamaha UD-BT01, which will make any of my USB midi controllers/keyboards wireless.    The problem is that Yamaha has not written a driver for Windows.   If vArranger 2 supports the new Windows Bluetooth midi protocol, it will make connections more simple and flexible.   
Hello Dan,

Would you consider implementing Bluetooth MIDI support?
I am answering my question.   I thought I was having trouble with the plugin dll file that is copied out of Mixcraft Pro.   So I directed vA2 to the original folder of Mixcraft.  The 64 bit plug loaded in vA2 just fine.   Next, I moved all the files related to Pianissimo into my VST plugin folder and then pointed vA2 to the new folder.   It worked again.  I don't know why it did not work at first, but now everything works fine.   Sure good to play Pianissimo (pretty small in size) with vArranger2! 
Thanks, Dan, for trying it out.   You can download the 64 bit version of Pianissimo here.  I don't know if it requires a license.  The 64 bit version comes Mixcraft Pro, which I had purchased before.

Since, I could not load the 64 bit version even after I treated with jBridge, this is what I did;
I ran vArranger2 as administrator as some plugins seem to require it.    It didn't work.   This time, I jBridged the 32 bit version and vA2 loaded it just fine!!!    Still, it would be better to be able to load the 64 bit version. 
Anybody running Pianissimo VST plugin in vArranger?    For some reason, it doesn't load but crashes vArranger.

My vA2 is verion 1.18.  The plugin is 64 bit.   I jBridge treated it to see if it would do the tick.  It didn't.   Sometimes I use this plugin.  It has a nice, rich, and warm tone to it in the mid range. 
fazfaz, thanks for your reply.   I kind of thought it wouldn't work too well with the Real Tracks of BIAB.   

Hernandez, thanks for your reply, too.   Google didn't do a good job translating but I got your point.  Sounds like it is a bit too much trouble for me.   
V.Muller.  What you are saying sounds very good.  How does  Styles-to-the-Box handle BIAB styles' Real Tracks, though?   
That's a neat tool!   It will be great to use BIAB styles in vArranger.   
Please send me the update.   Thanks.   
Dan announced that there will be an update soon.   I am sure that all look forward to it.   I noticed that the "vArranger Beta Program v1.18 Started" thread is almost 4 years old, and I thought I would start a new thread.  My version is 1.17.97.   I don't know what the next version will be but I hope that the next update is good enough even for those who use a pirated version to "update" and purchase vArranger2 so that Dan can compensated for his hard work.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: Latency?
June 07, 2017, 07:17:53 AM
Do you use an external USB audio interface with its own ASIO driver, or ASIO4ALL?      I've had good results with both.  Actually, I run not only VST plug-ins but also other MIDI/DAW host at the same time by using ASIO Link.  Tell us a little bit more about your setup. 
Quote from: haweneu on May 18, 2017, 05:24:16 PM
yes, i talked about the Ketron SD1000 Hardware Soundmodul!
But if you compare TA Soundengine to Ketron SD2 Soundfont, i think this is the wrong compare!
Better is to compare TA Soundengine with VA2 Soundfonts (ask Dan for the price).
I am trying to understand what you are saying here; why is it wrong to compare TA Sound Engine with the SD2 sf2?  Are you saying that the SD2 soundfont is no good in comparison with TA Sound Engine?   
I am one of those who have been following it for the last few years, but couldn't find much info on it at all.   
OK, Dan.   I know that you keep improving vArranger and adding new features to it.  I have two Korg Microkeys, and just ordered a Bluetooth version Korg Microkey Air 61.   Whether I play a Bluetooth equipped 88 key, 37 key, or a wireless MIDI accordion, I was thinking I could use better sounds when I go totally wireless.   I just like the flexibility that vArranger offers.   
Has Dan fixed the issue yet?   I had been thinking of getting the soundfonts myself.   

Why don't you look into Asio Link by O Deus Audio?

I use it for a multi-client ASIO setup in my tablet, but it also allows audio routing between two hosts.    Quite feature rich, and for me it works better than Voicemeeter and also less complicated.    It says on their website;

"With ASIO Link you can
Send DAW ASIO output to screen casting software
Use multiple ASIO applications at the same time with multi-client mode
Send DAW ASIO output to input of another DAW
Listen to windows audio while running your DAW with ASIO
Use a 32bit ASIO driver from 64bit applications with multi-client mode
Route audio anywhere at all

I have an ICA4+ (iConnectivity) which allows me to run multiple VST hosts but I also wanted an option to do the same with the miminum hardware and physical cables.   
Just read this KVR article concering Windows support for MIDI over Bluetooth LE.   I"d love to see this feature in vArranger.

Bluetooth MIDI Controller Support
As the first Windows DAW to support wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers natively, Cakewalk CTO Noel Borthwick explains "To deliver seamless connectivity to the next generation of MIDI devices, we've adopted Microsoft's new API standard for using MIDI on Windows as part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) architecture—which provides a modern, extensible way to communicate with MIDI."
Great job on your setup.   I wish I could do the same with my SD4.   The SD4 has issues with its USB port and I use the MIDI din.   
Thanks to Barry for asking for this nice feature, and big thanks to Dan for his confirmation that he will implement the feature. 
Looking forward to it! 
Dan must be busy playing gigs away from home.  It is indeed an essential feature to have in an arranger.   I am sure that the feature is on Dan's list. 
I have one, and it does work with LED Feedback.   Wonderful that vA2 supports so many different devices with LED Feedback. 
Sorry, I meant to say LED feedback support.   I noticed that there are surface controls that are supported with LED feedback in vA2 but not mentioned in the features list.  Some Behringer controls vA2 come to my mind.   So I was just wondering if there were some other controllers that vA2 supports with LED feedback but not mentioned.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Arturia Beatstep for vA2
February 11, 2017, 05:00:45 AM
I read Dan's post on some forum that the Arturia Beatstep is suppored by vA2.  I wonder what other surface controls are supported by vA2 but Dan has not mentioned on this English forum.
Yes, I am aware of the Keystation 88 mk2.   Nice and cheap.  Using a module as a backup in case of the PC freeze is a good idea.  The Numa Campact 2 can be also usb powered, but it won't power the built-in speakers. 
I am looking for an 88 key keyboard/controller to play and control vA2.  I think I saw Dan's video clips playing the Numa Compact.  I am looking at the Comact 2 version with built-in sounds and speakers.  The built-in sound would be handy just in case my PC crashes.    I wonders what 88 keyboards other use?

I created banks for two different setups  The first with a single midi channel.  The second for multiple channels.   Either way, it worked well.   
Recently I purchased a virtual instrument library for Kontakt. It is called Soundstation by Neo. Just all the sounds in the library are excellent for live performance The whole thing is only 3.3 GB, and I can load up the whole library and play all the instruments like a hardware module.
I thought Soundstation would be a perfect companion to vA2.
I am not familar with MainStage at all though I have it myself.   There seem to be many users of MS that report that Gig Performer shows far less CPU usage than MS.   I was going to post the link but you were a step ahead of me.  I saw your post there and I liked what you had to say.    I can say that vArranger2 and Gig Performer are two of the best music apps in my Windows PC, and I like the fact that I can use both simultaneously in the way you described here; separating the keyboard parts from the arrangerments.    I will be quick to point out, though, that vArranger is not only a super arranger but it serves as a patch manager very well in dealing with external modules such as the Ketrton SD4.   

Quote from: Bachus on January 13, 2017, 08:15:48 AM
Actually its very much like mainstage 3 (mac only) which i have been using for years as my vst host...

Personally i am a big fan of having the keyboard parts fully sepperated from the arrangement parts, thats what i love about the korg pa4x..  it makes things much easier...  so i can fully see how for people using VST as their main sound source, this will work very very well..

I watched a few video's and must say gig perfromer looks very nice, a bit more modular then nainstage in its approach, tough the workflow of creating things is pretty much alike...

Thanks for the heads up and enjoy playing ...

I like Gig Performer because it is the most intuive VST host for me.   Very easy to change between rack spaces with patch persist or what Roland calls patch remain.   They have a full demo version.   You can try it for 14 days.   
Just recently I stumbled upon a new audio/VST host called Gig Performer.   It runs on Mac and Windows.   I find it very intuitive and easy to use.   I am trying to think what would be the best way to combine it with vArranger when I perform.   I know that vArranger can host VST instruments, but I like many features of Gig Performer and I am going to create many patches in it.     Is there anyone who uses a VST host with vArranger at the same time?

Thanks.  I always associated the bass pedal with midi channel 3.   
You mean Channel 3 for the bass pedal?    Dan, could I could also get this new version?   Thanks
I'd be interested in listening to Dan's reply, too.
I have seen this ad quite a few times, but I thought I did not need another piano VSTi.    Only when I found out that it comes with a number of patches with layered sounds, I thought it would be worthwile to purchase.    This reminds me of vA2  offering multi layered patches for the Ketron SD4, which I appreciate.   

I remember Dan once said that he might do the same for the optional sounds banks available for vA2.     
Dan has added a lot of nice features, and the list keeps growing.   Invest in the latest version of vArranger and you will receive fast and great support from the author of the program and you will receive new updates for free.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: vArranger2 v1.17.90
September 13, 2016, 06:41:09 PM
Yes, it would be helpful for vA2 users.    I checked mine just now and it is v1.17.97.   I understand it must be the last version.
Quote from: Lagoise on July 27, 2016, 07:00:59 AM
8 switchs :
. Mode single press : 8 commands, no latency
. Mode Fn press (switch 8 fonction) : 14 commands, no latency (the Best for me)
. Mode double press : 16 commands but small latency
. Modes fn et db press activs : 22 commands but all with small latence

4 configs memorized (3 for varranger and 1 for sonar)

Right now i'm very satisfied by fn press mod and  14 commands to play piano or  midi guitar with varranger.

PJ User manuel
Thanks to you, I am enjoying using my Pok.   For now, I copied some of the assigned functions of my PC keyboard to the Pok.  I have dedicated 3 switches to changing 6 sounds by using the double press mode.   I have not really expereienced any latency in that in my case.    This thing is sure "handy" when your hands tied to the keyboard or any other instruments one plays with vA2.   
To take a full advantage of this foot controller I am thinking of assigning functions that arehard to call up when both hands are on the keyboard,  or on the bass and treble of my midi accordion.    I don't know if it was you or someone else on the French forum who showed his NanoKontrol2 layout.   I liked it better than the one I have.   So I was wondering how you set up you Pok.   Enjoy your holidays, and if you find time, after you get back and upload your Pok layout, I'd appreciate it.   
Is there any way you could upload your Pok profiles for vA2?   I got mine today.  It is indeed nice and small.   I was hoping that it could emulate mouse functions also, but it can't.     Anyway, I'd like to see your Pok layouts for vA2. 

I had been beta-testing for the WIDI Bud by CME-Pro a Bluetooth midi receiver.   At first, it had issues with terrible latency and hanging notes.  In a matter of a few days, they came out with a newer firmware.   It works great now.   It handles  a lot of cc#11 messages on multiple channels from my midi accordion very well.    However, if I walk away more than 6 feet, the connection gets weak and problems start.   I tested it on MS Surface Pro and Lenovo Yoga.  The WIDI Bud worked fine 10 - 20 feet away from the iPad Air.    Today I am getting a new Dell notebook and I will see how it makes any difference.    By the way, my Bletooth midi trasmitter is the mi.1 by Quicco Sound.   

I don't know how far your Microkey Air is from your laptop but when I tested the Nanokontrol Studio, it was fine to move around as long as I was in a close range with my laptop.    I have been looking into getting a Korg Microkey Air myself.   I have Microkey 37 and 61.   They are pretty neat and I find them very playable.  If the BT midi connection of the Korg Microkey Air 61 is that bad , you might want to try out the WIDI Bud with it. It works with other Bluetooth midi devices such as the Korg Microkey Air series, Yamaha Bluetooth midi, and mi.1 by Quicco Sound.     

I found out that an entry level 88 keyboard FP30 by Roland has Bluetooth midi,   but then again the mi.1 will work on any keyboard as long as it has a 5 pin midi out.
I am trying to go wireless as much as possible with my vA2 setup.  I just don't care for cables and cords around me.   Today I tested the Korg Nanokontrol Studio which is a Bluethtooth midi control surface.    Midi feedback from vA2 works well.   The unit is overpriced, but wireless is an important feature for me.   Besides, it stores 5 scenes and more buttons than the Nanocontrol 2.   The buttons should have been at the bottom, though.   The knobs get in the way when you try press the buttons.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: New Tablet
August 29, 2016, 06:45:45 PM
Quote from: Lagoise on August 21, 2016, 03:18:16 PM
hi bernie

With model of asus transformer do you have? (T300chi or else, size of the screen)
How Much did you pay it and how does it work with music software as varranger 2?
Does it have a fan? Noisy?
Can you connect another screen ?

Chris from Paris
It is good for consumers that Windows based tablets and notebooks are so inexpensive and and that come in all kinds of price ranges and specs.  As we know that vA2 does not require a lot of muscle power or RAM memory to run unless a person runs hugh VST instruments or large soundfonts.    I have a 10 inch,  and a 13.3 inch tablets.  I dont' have a good eye sight and I don't like wearing the glasses.  However, the 13.3 inch is large enough for me to operate many of the functions by simply touching the screen.   So far I have been playing vA2 only in my home studio.  Once I am almost totatlly wireless in my setup and comfortable with it, I will begin to take it to gigs.   Anway,  good music software like vA2 makes it feel nice to own a Windows based tablet/notebook whether it is a low priced or high priced machine.   
Great work.  Not everyone has the capability to do something this.    The pedal reminds me of my Roland PK5 foot pedal. 
I am wondering what external control devices others use for vA2.   I am thinking of getting the Pok and Korg NanoKontrol Studio.  Both are wireless.   When  I play my midi accordion, I use a small Bluetooth gamepad attached to the accordion - it gives about 10 functions
Also a small Bluetooth Keyboard.   I would think the Pok would be nice when both hands are playing notes.

It's good to hear that the Pok works great for you.    However, what do you mean when you said "it is not connected by USB because vArranger has only 4 MIDI Ins?     You mean the Pok is not a USB midi device?   Yes, I do understand that.   The Pok does, however, use a wireless USB receiver whereas Bluetooth devices will not require any other receiver as long as the PC has Bluetooth built in.     I think I will start a new thread here on external control devices to hear what others use.     
Quote from: Lagoise on July 28, 2016, 08:50:36 AM
Small (i havé no more place on my 2 pedalboard) and wireless (i use it easily to play piano)
Lagoise, how is your X-Tempo Pok working out for you?   
Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: Faut pas rater ça !
August 11, 2016, 09:27:40 PM
Oui , jBridge est une solution très bon marché , et je suis déjà. Par ailleurs , je vous remercie d'avoir mentionné dans votre message en anglais qui xPand!2 64 bits peut être ouvert dans VA2 si elle est jBridged - 64 bits à 64 bits ! . Dans mon précédent post, je voulais dire que parce que j'utiliser un certain nombre d' autres applications utilitaires midi avec VA2 , je ne voulais pas passer par une autre couche de logiciel si possible. Je l'ai fait un test avec Velvet par Airtech Music. Il semble fonctionner très bien avec VA2 sans jBridge . Il est étrange pourquoi xPand!2 ouvre très bien dans d'autres hôtes VST tels que Ableton Live , Cantabile , VSTHost et BloXpander . J'ai aussi trouvé que Structure2 doit être jBrdiged pour fonctionner correctement dans VA2 .

Yes, jBridge is a very inexpensive solution, and I already have it.  By the way,  I thank you for mentioning in your English post that xPand!2 64 bit can be opened in vA2 if it is jBridged - 64 bit to 64 bit.    In my earlier post I meant to say that because I use a number of other midi utility apps with vA2, I just did not want to go through another layer of software if possible.    I did a test with Velvet by Airtech Music.   It seems to work just fine with vA2 without jBridge.   It is strange why xPand2 opens just fine in other VST hosts such as Ableton Live, Cantabile, VSTHost and BloXpander.   I also found that Structure2 must be jBrdiged to work properly in vA2.     
Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: Faut pas rater ça !
August 11, 2016, 09:07:03 AM
Je ne sais pas ce qu'elle est, mais le logiciel Airtech Musique est généralement pas très compatible avec VA2 . Je suis en mesure de charger " Structure2 " dans VA2 sans "traitement jBridge " mais pas de son et il gèle . Comme Dan mentionné , je préfère ne pas utiliser jBridge . Quand j'utilise VA2 , je dois utiliser " MIDI -OX " et "Loop Midi " , ou " Traducteur Midi " D'ailleurs, si j'utilise la configuration de midi Bluetooth , je dois ouvrir encore un autre hôte VST comme " Ableton Live . "
I don't know what it is, but Airtech Music software generally is not very compatible with vA2.   I was able to load "Structure2" in vA2 without "jBridge treatment" but no sound and it freezes up.    As Dan mentioned I prefer not to use jBridge.   When I use vA2, I have to use "MIDI-OX" and "Loop Midi", or "Midi Translator"    Besides, if I use Bluetooth midi setup, I have to open yet another VST host like "Ableton Live."
Le logiciel vArranger² / Re: Faut pas rater ça !
August 02, 2016, 09:53:12 PM
J'ai eu le même problème , mais à la suggestion de Lylo je jBridged et ça marche
i had to save some Band In A Box songs in Asian characters, but BIAB won't let me.   I found out that I had to get a language pack from PG Music.  The language pack still did not do the trick.   I had to change Windows default system font to the specific language.   I did not want it. Otherwise,  Windows menus and BIAB menus aill will be in that language.   So much change for just song names.   I tried to do the same with vA2, and vA2 had no problem saving and reading song names in Asian charaters!    Pretty handy. 
Merci pour télécharger les manuels, qui me donnent une idée claire de la façon dont le Pok fonctionne . Il est certainement plus petite que je pensais. Je me vois voyager avec elle . Excusez-moi pour mon mauvais français . Je parle par l'intermédiaire d'un robot .
You have quite q setup on the floor!   No wonder you say the FCB1010 is too big.    You are right that the Pok is indeed small.  I did not know that until I heard your mention of it and checked the spec out myself.    Only 12 inch or 30 cm wide.   It looked big in the pic, though.    I wanted to find more about it by reading the manual but you have to own the unit in order to download the PDF manual.

Sounds good.  Thanks for the report.    By the way, you mentioned Roland FC300.  The Berhinger FCB1010, a copycat of the FC300 is only $149 with two built-in pedals.    Isn't it true that a midi foot controller like the FCB1010 can do far more than what the POK does?
Keep us posted on your experience with the the Pok wireless foot controller.
Ok.  Thanks.   
Ketron Styles / Re: styles technics to ketron
July 24, 2016, 03:13:01 AM
Thank you! 
Quote from: Dan on April 15, 2015, 07:58:59 AM

I have just sent you the latest version of vArranger.
The new version retains the reverb amount you have set for your whole session.

By default it is now set at 64 no more 127.
If you want to another value by default, you can add


in the ini file
Dan, inserting [Startup] RightDefaultReverb=XX in the ini file works for the built-in synth and my own sf2s but not on the Ketron SD4.   When I change sounds, the reverb setting for most of the sounds is over 110.    I reinstalled the synth and started with a fresh exe. file  and ins file.     
I was thinking of buying the Pok, but $149 in the US or $234 in Europe is pricey for what the Pok does.  It came to my mind that if one has a midi foot controller already, Midi Translator can be used to convert midi messages to keystrokes.    That way you can have a lot more controls than the mere 22 of the Pok.   Besides, I read that the Pok has a 350 ms latency in its double press function.  "If you have double-press enabled, the pok waits for a possible second press before transmitting. Disable double-press and the latency should be gone"  Well, if the double press function is disabled, you have much less than 22 control functions.   I am thinking alound myself here in order to have a better and more effcient in addition to lowering the cost.   
I can see how guitar players and for that matter accordion players as well can benefit from a foot controller.    I bought another mini Bluetooh keyboard for its backlit function and a few more keys.      Attached to the grille of my midi accordion it will give me over 60 functions!!!   I've been testing with an even smaller $10 one.  It works very very well.  When I play a keyboard, I will be using a little bigger Bluetooth keyboard like the Logitech K810.    Between the Korg Nanokontrol2, a cheap Bluetooth midi keyboard, and the touchscreen of my hybrid laptop I think I have more controls than my mind can know by heart all thanks to the open system of vA2.   Of course, some of the more often used functions can be duplicated on the foot controller so that both hands don't have to be taken off of the instrument.    I have a Softstep version 1, but as a PC keyboard emulation it allows only 10 assignments.     
Intereristing find.  It seems that this is a PC keyboard emulation and if so vA2 will certainly accomondate this device very well.    I can see that accodion players can really take advantage of ths wireless foot controller as their both hands are tied up.

Also, it dawned on me that the Softstep midi foot controller also can send PC keyboard messages.   
Agreed!   :)
The illegal copy of vArranger he was using apparently got him hooked on vArranger, and he wants the updates!   Now is a good time for him to buy a legal copy from Dan and support him in his efforts as he works hard to provide us musicians a wonderful too.   

I also would like to encourage you to list all the updates and version history on your vArranger site.  It is not only to show all your hard work but it will help those who already purchased and those considering buying vArranger.   


Quote from: Dan on June 01, 2016, 11:43:57 PM
Yes, I should !

Basically, I have added the new PLAYLIST feature, allowing you to select some songs and group them in a playlist, with only one click.
You can create many playlists, and also auto chain a playlist with midifiles / mp3

I have also worked on better Korg styles compatibility.

- Korg styles has the possibility to have a variation of 4 measures for major chords, and 6 measures for minor chords. This caused some intros to have blank measures. This is now corrected.
A special attention had to be done if the player changes the chord, from minor to major, when the measures numbers are smaller
- Also some korg styles has recorded chord variations in a non continuous way. for example CV1 CV2 CV5 CV6. This caused some chords to be blank. This is now corrected
- Better NTT comprehension for old Korg PA80 styles

And some other things... I usually don't communicate on all those small improvements, as this is very technical, and most of users only want the styles to play good :)

The next project I need to finish it the easy total recall of VST states with the sound or style, as this is a very important feature for all VST players

Of course I have not forgotten about improving the SD1000 DSP saving...

A lot of things to do :)   16 Pads, audio drums, audya styles.............
Hi Tidom,   
The 8Bitdo Mini doesn't require a separate driver.  It is automatically recognized by Windows 10.    I tried it with my MS Surface Pro and Lenovo Yoga.   Make sure that you use the Windows mode so that it acts as a joystick/gamepad and not as a PC keyboard.   

Btw, when i clicked your link, it showed a bluetooth receiver.   Did you need it because your PC is not equipped with Bluetooth?   I found the same Mini on eBay

Isn't it wonderful that such an inexpensive gadget can do 10 functions wirelessly all thanks to the feature rich vArranger?    Let me know how it works out for you. 

This inexpensive wireless gamepad works great in vArranger2.  It allows me to assign 10 functions.   I am going to add a mini Bluetooth keyboard.  The whole setup will give me scores of functions to control vArrnager2- all wireless while strolling around with my accordion.
It seems that Dan keeps adding new features to vArranger2 that those who have been using a pirated version finally want to go ahead and pay for a license and receive support.   
I just found out that vArranger has a Windows Minimize function that is very useful; it will free whatever keys of the PC keyboard assigned to vA2.   A little thing like this goes a long long way!!!    Dan thought about just everthing.    I am going to buy a mini bluetooth keyboard and assign a bunch of functions.   Between a gamepad, the NanoKontrol2, and a Bluetooth keyboard, I will more control than any arranger out there! Good job, Dan 
Dan, I'd like to get the latest version.

It would be great if multiple midi devices can be selected for MIDI In 1 of vArranger.    Many apps allow that and that way I don't have to open and run another app like MIDI OX and LoopBe.     
This keeps getting better just like vArranger!   Thank you.  A great job.
Yes, it will work as a keyboard.   Then again, I don't want to "dedicate" any of the keys of the PC keyboard.   Often times, I have vA2 running in my work PC and I need to use all the keys of the PC keyboard.   I thnk I am going to still pursue a  joystick/gamepad.  As long as I find a wireless gamepad recognized as a joystick/gamepad by Windows 10, I am more than sure that vArranger will see it right away.   I am looking at some models by this company   Once I hear their confirmation, I will puchase one.   I will keep you updated.   Gamepad/joystick is a grea idea on your part, Dan, and I want to take advantage of it.       
 Correct.   My surface pro sees this Bluetooth gamepad only as a keyboard.    It seems that a lot of people have trouble getting their Bluetooth joystick/gamepads recognized as a game controller in their PCs.   I am looking for a mini gamepad so that I can attach to my digital accordion.   It will be really cool if I can stroll around and control vA2. 
The vArranger² Software Forum / Bluetooth Joystick
April 05, 2016, 11:17:58 PM
I just got an inexpensive Bluetooth joystick.   I paired it with my Surface Pro but vA2 doesn't recongize it.   
Wow, that is great!   I like your multi patches for the SD4.    Those are like pretty powerful and handy factory presets you can use right out of the box, so to speak.   While at it, I might ask you; do you have multi patches for the SD 1000?   What about multis for vArranger custom banks (all four of them)?.    Down the road, I think I want to get your sound banks.   
MIDI out to the Ketron SD4 (MIDI cable connection not USB).    I choose Mariachi (shown as Multi) in Voice.   Both Right 1 and Right 2 are turned on, but only Right 2 (Trumpet 1) plays.   The volume LED of Right 1 Mariachi does not move.   I selected other sounds in Sound Edit for Right 1, but no sound.  Only just once in a while a note will play in Right 1.   This one baffles me.       Trombone Multi(not Trombones), Brass2 Multi, Jazztpt Multi are the same way. 


Thanks, Dan.   Even when the controllers are kept in the same midi inputs, do I have to reassign to make sure they all send the same midi messages?    Even if it is so, I can manually enter midi messages in the controller so that they all send the same messages as you said.     
What would be the best way of switching assignable controllers to use with vA2?   Sometimes, I'd like to use just the Nanokontrol 2 when I play a keyboard, but other times using a foot controller such as the Softstep would be better when I play a midi accordion.  It seems to me that each time I change an assignable controller, I have to re-assgin all the buttons in vA2.   If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / Re: MIDI Merge
March 30, 2016, 05:43:50 PM
My master controller(s) would be a midi accordion, Korg Microkey 37/61(no sustain pedal), 88 keyboard, or any combinations of them.   I definetely want to merge a USB midi foot pedal (MIDI Expression) to have at least sustain and expression.    This way I can have sustain for the midi accordion and the Korg Microkey that do have a built in sutain foot pedal.    Also, with midi merge or by selecting multiple midi inputs  I can go back and forth between the midi accordion and 88 keyboard as my master controller on stage.   
The vArranger² Software Forum / MIDI Merge
March 29, 2016, 09:20:30 PM

I understand you have a long list of feature requests.   Is midi merge already on your list by any chance?   I must use MIDI-OX for now to have midi merge, but it would be better if vArranger had the function.    Thanks.   
Quote from: akyelken on December 27, 2015, 01:07:12 PM

It looks nice.   I found this web site, but the skin doesn't seem to fit perfect when I uploaded the file.  I was going to order one if it fit the Nanokontrol 2
Thanks.   Yes, I can see that, but it will be nice if CC messages such as sustain and expression are also transferred to 2nd Voice on channel 2.   
Thanks for your reply.   It's good to know that there's a way to work around the problem because xPand!2 is my favorite VSTi.   I had the issue both with 64 bit and 32 bit.   I jBridge treated 32 bit to 32 bit.   It works.    I'm sure it will be the same with 64 bit.  Thanks again. 
The vArranger² Software Forum / Xpand!2 VST 64 bit
March 25, 2016, 04:53:27 AM
I can't load Xpand!2 64 bit into vA2.   It freezes up.   Both are 64 bit.   Has any one had the same experience?   
I can't load 32 bit VST plug-ins in vA2.   So it must 64 bit.  Then why is vA2 is listed as 32 bit in Windows Task Manager?   

Is there any way I can send the sustain message on Channel 2 for "2nd Voice" besides Right Voices at the same time?    It sort of works. First time when I engage sustain pedal is on, notes for the 2nd Voice will sustain but if I play more notes there is no sound until I take off the sustain pedal, which defeats the purpose of the sustain pedal.    Thanks, in advance, for help. 
Does vArranger play the so-called Freeplay Styles by Yamaha?    If so, how I do tell one is a Freeplay style?
For the first time today I connected vA2 to the Ketron SD4.   I don't know how the Sd4 compares with the SD1000 in sound quality, but I thought the SD4 sounded great.   It is as if my SD4 sound module took on new life as an arranger playing different style formats all thanks to the smart vArranger2. 

I use a usb midi device that can be connected to four foot pedals for sustain, pitch bend, and the like, but I have to use MIDI-OX to merge the incoming midi.  I hope Dan will implement midi merge in the next update. 

Quote from: Pekilik on March 05, 2016, 08:49:09 PM
I made custom midi controller for using vA2 with touch screen, here is and led fead back...

A great utility app for vArranger.    It works well on my small 13 inch screen tablet PC.  I recommend it.     
Thanks for the links.   These will be helpful.   I will have to to try and experiment before I ask another question.   
Great.  Thanks!   I will definetely try it and learn more about vA2.   A load of features to be discovered underneath the asthecially pleasing, but simple interface of vA2.   
Thanks, Dan.  Fantastic!   I tried it just now.   Huge, fat sounds.     I can see that when you layer various sounds, you can come up with really nice patches just out of the vA2 stock sounds.  vArranger shines not only as a powerful and flexible arranger but as an efficient patch manager.   

Dan, is your answer yes to my first question in regards to saving sounds on multiple midi channels as a patch?    For instace, double bass on channel 3, guitars on channel 2, and trumpet on channel1 and save them as a set, patch, or whatever and call it up by clicking on "My Sounds" buttons or via midi program changes?    If vA2 can do this, it will be pretty powerful when driven by a midi accordion.     

Also, I saw requests on octave changes for bas, and I'd like to see that myself.     

Thanks a lot,
As I am learning my way with vArragner, I have a couple of questions or feature requests.   
1. Is it possible to save multi sounds on multiple midi channels and save them as a patch?   

2. When layering sounds for the Right, is it possible to have different ocatve ranges for each track?   That way, one can have really fat sounds.


I watched a video of your program.  That's very nice.     I started using vArranger just recently, and the more I use it the more I like it.   
Quote from: Dan on March 03, 2016, 08:32:26 AM
I don't know if the NanoKontrol Studio allow the led feedback = external. I have downloaded the new Korg Kontrol Editor, to check, and did not find the new devices.

By the way, I prefer to buy 3 NanoKontrol2 for the same price as NanoKontrol Studio :)  The only interesting thing is the bluetooth wireless connectivity.
A good point about buying 3 Nanotkontrol2s and the bluetooth function of the NanoKontrol Studio.   It is a bit pricey.   The bottom line is that I just love the flexibility of being able to use various midi control surfaces with vArranger. 
Thanks, Dan, for your quick reply and confirmation.    Have you seen this new NanoKontrol Studio?   I would assume that it has LED feedkback like the Nanokontrol 2?
Does the Korg NanoKontrol 1 also get LED feedback like the 2nd version?    Which is better for vArranger?

I've been reading some past posts about TA Sound Engine.   I wonder if it is available yet.     
I have played vArranger two days in a row.   First on my MS Surface Pro from a Microkey 61 on my study desk, and tonight, from my Roland accordion, Lenovo Yoga Pro,  iConnectAUDIO4+.     I am very pleased with vArranger.   A lot to learn and also I need to go through my personal sample libraries including all the packages I had purchased from Live Styler, or look into Dan's sound banks as well as offers from Trans Audio.   
Thanks, Dan, for your explanation.     While I do not understand all the more technical aspects of it, I do understand that this is a limitation of MS Windows when it comes to midi/audio.     However, Microsoft says it will address many of the issues.   Has anyone seen this MS keynote speech at the 2015 Summer NAMM?     They have promised some great audio/midi feastures such as
Thunderbolt 3
Bluetooth MIDI
Lower audio latency
Audio aggregation and routing
USB Audio 2 Class
USB 3/3.1
MIDI routing   

Oh, OK.    I am managing to use Asio4All without allowing "exclusive control."    VA2 seems to be doing all right.     Just occaionsal and faint crackling noise at 256 samples.   It is not bad considering the fact that my "desktop" Surface Pro is conneted to a USB 3 docking station with a  huge monitor, lots of usb devices, wireless stuff, WIFI, bluetooth, and even my Anroid phone wireless connected to it so that I can take and respond to text messages at the PC.    Obviously this is not the ideal environment for VA2 or any other audio/midi app to run under but VA2 is doing well.   It is pretty handy to have my Microkey 61 always on my work desk with VA2 running and play a tune.   

However, WASAPI seems to work better than Asio4All as you mentioned.    I understand I will have to give "exclusive control" to VA2 in my Lenovo Tablet when I perform, but can you easily implement WASAPI without giving "exclusive control" so that the user can choose depending on the needs?   I mean if this is not too much work for you.


Sure enough.    I connected my midi accordion and selected the accordion mode in VA2.  It works great and it's nice.   Many of the Italian arranger expanders, if not all, can not merge incoming midi channels and therefore play only triads when driven by a midi accordion.   

The midi accordion, Microkeys 61, a USB sustain foot switch all going through MIDI-OX to VA2 - now I have a sustain pedal that never existed with my midi accordion or the Korg Microkey 61.   Flexibility is definetely the forte of a software arranger like VA2.   
i found out from some posts here that in the Windows audio setting, "Give Exclusive Control" has to be checked to use Wasapi in VA2.   It is ture.  Otherwise, I get Error_WASAPI_Init:6 and no sound.   On my desktop PC (Surface Pro connected to an 28inch) I usually have the setting "Give Exclusive Control" off.   This way, I can play along with Youtube when I play VST plug-ins and whatever.   I tested Live Styler just now and it loads and plays just fine in Wasapi with the "Give Exclusive Control" off.   It would be wonderful if VA2 can do the same.   
I played vArranger just now for the first time.   The facotry sound set included in vArranger does have patch remain.   Very nice!!!   
I wonder if the vArranger Sound Banks have what Roland calls patch remain or smooth sound transition as called by Korg.     Roland Edirol VSTs and even their IOS version Soun Canvas have patch remain.